The Mid-Autumn Festival meets the double happiness of the National Day.


Pengfei Group News Center


 When the Mid-Autumn Festival meets the National Day, the traditional festival meets the birthday of the motherland, and the family and the country are full! The last time was 19 years ago, the next time is 11 years later. 2020 is an extraordinary year. After experiencing many extraordinary years, it finally ushered in the celebration of family and country once in more than ten years.

The red flag flutters to celebrate the National Day and praises the motherland with passion. In 2020, our country defeated the most serious major public health emergency in the world in a century, demonstrated to the world China's responsibility as a responsible big country, and enabled thousands of small families to live a happy, sweet and family reunion. On October 1, Pengfei Group headquarters, regional companies, factories and mines held a flag-raising ceremony to salute the motherland and the national flag!

When the Mid-Autumn Festival meets the National Day, it is a chance for the country and the people to reunite with their families. After 71 years, New China, which has experienced vicissitudes and rebirth, has become a world power. With the prosperity of the country, Pengfei is also growing. Let all those who are loyal to Pengfei be happy for life, this is Pengfei's unchanging oath.

A strong country needs strong enterprises, and a strong enterprise needs excellent talents. 2020 is the year of transformation and development of Pengfei Group and even the traditional coal coking industry. The fundamental way of transformation is to informationize, digitize and intelligentize the traditional industry.

Nowadays, Pengfei adopts the "two-handed" model that is close to both reality and the future, and goes all out to move towards the direction of digital and intelligent development. Pengfei people will use wisdom and diligence, with a real work style, to strive to be the representative of advanced managers in the transformation and development of the coal coking industry, to be the benchmark of advanced productivity, and to be a strong and colorful Chinese painting.

The family is the smallest country. "Jiaqing" with "National Day", "full moon" with "reunion".

Thousands of families, thousands of mountains and rivers, let's raise our glasses together, celebrate the National Day and enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival together.