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Gengzi Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day meet, spend a full moon and wish the country rich and the people strong! Pengfei Group's 14th "Gathering Happiness and Grateful Pengfei" Mid-Autumn Tea Party Celebrates!

Attack against the trend and seek development

This year's Mid-Autumn Festival is very different from previous years. An epidemic at the beginning of the year has filled 2020 with a different color.

But also because of this magnificent fight against the epidemic, let us see, hot and deep feelings of home and country, brave and more responsible Pengfei children!

The outbreak, after a short period of contemplation, we chose to go against the trend! Under such a difficult and dangerous background, Pengfei's development is becoming more and more abundant. When others are walking on thin ice or even on the verge of bankruptcy, we are attacking against the trend and developing rapidly. The wise and brave Pengfei people engrave the feelings of home and country in ordinary posts, and draw the heroic and passionate spirit of a piece of dedication!

The resumption of work and production has many happy events.

The unprecedented epidemic situation, cut off the constant friendship, can not destroy the ambition of struggle, can not defeat Pengfei people! Since the resumption of work, we ushered in the methanol plant overhaul of the smooth end, for safe production, production and increase production to lay a solid foundation for equipment! We ushered in the first dry quenching coke in Pengfei Coking Plant put into operation, opened up a new chapter of green coking! We have ushered in Pengfei's second green factory-Pengfei Coking Plant, which has become a group enterprise with two green factories in Shanxi Province! We have ushered in the construction of smart mines, and digital, safe and green mines have started a new journey in the digital transformation!

The more rapid the wind and rain, the more stormy the waves, the more we need to do our own things in a down-to-earth manner, guard our country and our home with tenacity and action! Closely condensed in Pengfei, the family and country feelings, love of enterprises, internalization in the heart, externalization in the line, into everyone's actions, to stimulate the rain or shine to achieve Pengfei more brilliant forward momentum!

Wisdom Pengfei set off again

Industry digitization, digital industrialization! The wisdom of the new era, Pengfei, took the lead in the same industry to start the road of digital transformation of interconnected development and 5G speed. Over the past 27 years, every attack against the trend has left valuable experience and sung hymns for the century-old stream of Pengfei's development. This time scale marks the responsibility and strength of Pengfei and the toughness and temperature of the 18,000 Pengfei people. The new Pengfei people expect the full and old Pengfei people to take on more responsibilities. This moment allows later generations to see the courage and responsibility shown by a big enterprise and a generation of Pengfei people in the face of great challenges. A new era has begun, and the future still requires us to unite happiness and Pengfei to be closely dependent on each other. The mountains and rivers are magnificent and the future can be sung. May every sailing be full of confidence and every autumn gathering be fruitful!