"Sanjin People's Congress Deputies" Enters Pengfei


Pengfei Group News Center


Recently, with the theme of "learning from Shen Jilan and being a good representative of the people", the Luliang activity of "three Jin NPC deputies collecting style" went deep into Xiaoyi to conduct interviews and reports, fully demonstrating the new style of NPC deputies. On September 9, Zheng Peng, chairman and president of Pengfei Group, as a representative of the Luliang Municipal People's Congress, was interviewed by Shanxi Radio and Television Luliang Reporter Station, Yellow River News Network Luliang Channel, Shanxi Evening News, and Democracy and Rule of Law and other media.

Ma Bingying, director of the Research Office of the Standing Committee of the Luliang Municipal People's Congress, and Hou Denghu, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Xiaoyi Municipal People's Congress, accompanied him.

As a representative of the Luliang Municipal People's Congress, Chairman Zheng Peng was deeply impressed by the spirit of Shen Jilan. He said that Shen Jilan's spirit is to listen to the party and follow the party. Pengfei's 27-year development process is also a true portrayal of listening to and following the party. From the coal integration in 2008 to the joint reorganization of the coking industry in 2009 to the construction of intelligent factories now, Pengfei has taken every step of the way.Closely around the partyclosely follow the party's policies and achieve development by leaps and bounds.



Pengfei focuses on the "six new" and accelerates the green transformation,Become the first enterprise in the country to apply 5G technology in the coal coking chain. Chairman Zheng Peng said that the transformation is not a change of business, but a transformation of polluting enterprises in the past to green environmental protection and clean production, turning costs into profits and waste into production capacity. In the future, whoever embraces numbers will embrace the future and integrate informatization with mechanization,Really realize industry digitalization and digital industrialization.

When talking about how to be a good deputy to the National People's Congress, Chairman Zheng Peng said firmly that to do a good job is to be a good deputy to the National People's Congress,Pengfei Deepens School-Enterprise Cooperation, and Taiyuan University of Technology to establish the Green Pengfei Smart Coal Coke Chemical Industry Science and Technology Research Institute, the establishmentPengfei Industrial College, give employees the opportunity to upgrade and re-educate, while paying close attention to the lives of employees, fromNeeds of employeesStart, ensure the happiness of employees in food, housing and transportation, and actively participate in it at the same time.public welfare undertakingsOver the years, hundreds of millions of yuan have been invested in donation, afforestation and highway construction, which has really brought into play the enterprise's own sense of social responsibility.

Before the meeting, the delegation also visited the multimedia exhibition hall on the first floor and the central dispatching and command center, and spoke highly of Pengfei's industrial planning and 5G construction.