Xiaoyi's first CDQ project is about to be put into production.


Pengfei Group News Center


Xiaoyi's first coke dry quenching project, Pengfei Coking Plant's coke dry quenching project, will soon be put into operation, creating a new journey of Pengfei's high-quality green development and adding new momentum to Xiaoyi's environmental protection cause.

The No.1 CDQ furnace of Pengfei CDQ project entered the stage of warm air drying on August 5, and the oven was successfully ignited at 16:18 on August 10, marking the countdown to the commissioning of the project.

The burning fire ignited the passion of all the staff of the Coking CDQ Project Headquarters for hard work, and also ignited a new starting point for Pengfei's green environmental protection.

As a key project of the group company, it has attracted the attention of the group company since the start of the CDQ project of Pengfei Coking Plant on June 20, 2019.

After the project was launched, the CDQ project headquarters formulated a detailed construction plan, which was accurate to the sum of the time that may be delayed in each link, each bad weather and each coke oven overhaul. The software and hardware were carried out simultaneously, closely linked, tense and orderly.

This spring's epidemic raid, they quickly adjusted the plan and progress node, inverted schedule, to protect the day, to protect the day, to protect the week, to protect the month, to "five plus two" "white plus black" work momentum, the decisive battle on August 20 to cast red coke target.

The CDQ integrated electrical central control room is the core unit to ensure the normal operation of the entire CDQ system. At present, the large display screen, system platform and production preparation personnel are in place, and stand-alone debugging is being carried out. In the near future, remote operation of CDQ furnace, boiler, dust removal and other systems can be realized.

The successful ignition of No.1 CDQ furnace marks the formal transfer of the project from the warm air drying stage to the gas oven stage. When the temperature of the pre-stored section of the CDQ furnace rises from the current 150 degrees to about 800 degrees, which is close to the normal production temperature of CDQ, the red coke loading operation can be carried out and the normal production of CDQ can be gradually transferred.