Our group successfully passed the external audit of quality system


On August 7 and 8, 2017, Fangyuan Logo Certification Group Shanxi Co., Ltd. appointed three teachers, Li Jianya, Yan Baoliang and Zhang Yongwang, to conduct the second supervision and replacement audit of our group's quality management system according to GB/T 19001/ISO 9001 "Quality Management System Requirements.

On the morning of the 8th, Li Jianya, head of the audit team of Fangyuan Mark Certification Group Shanxi Co., Ltd., presided over the final audit meeting, which was attended by Li Yang, deputy general manager of the group and general manager of supply and marketing, as well as six internal auditors, heads of audited departments and related personnel of the company.



(Quality management system external audit meeting site)


Teacher Li Jianya, head of the audit team, introduced the purpose, scope, standards and certificate change of the audit. He believed that the operation process of our company's quality management system was standardized, implemented in place, and the standards were perfect, which met the system standards. Auditor Yan Baoliang and technical expert Zhang Yongwang made a summary speech on the audit project respectively. At the same time, Shanda Coal Washing Plant's response to the risk control report, unclear division of responsibilities of the equipment department and missing records of the training process of the human resources department were rectified and perfected within a time limit.



(Expert teacher summarizes the audit results of each group)


On behalf of the audit team, Mr. Li Jianya announced on the spot that Pengfei Group passed the external audit. It was also specifically mentioned at the meeting that during the review process, foreign guests came to Pengfei Group to visit and study the party building work. It was believed that Pengfei Group, as a private enterprise, could effectively integrate the party building work with enterprise management and fully transform the political advantages of the party organization into the fine management advantages of the enterprise. It is hoped that the relevant personnel of the company will strengthen their study and understanding of the new version of the "Quality Management System Certification Rules" in their future work, improve their own quality awareness and professionalism, and incorporate the requirements of the certification system into production and operation management.



(Teacher Li Jianya puts forward valuable suggestions on future quality management)


Finally, Mr. Li Jianya made a solemn commitment to the confidentiality of the company's process, contract and price involved in the review and announced the complaint telephone number.

Li Yang, deputy general manager of the group and general manager of supply and marketing, made a statement at the meeting, expressing gratitude to the three expert teachers for their hard work and valuable suggestions over the past two days. The responsible persons of all relevant departments are required to take this supervision and audit as an opportunity to draw inferences from one another, effectively integrate the quality management work into the daily production and operation management and continue to maintain it, continuously improve the management level, strive to improve the management efficiency, ensure the realization of the company's quality policy and quality objectives, and ensure the sustained, healthy and rapid economic development of the company.

After passing the certification, the company can improve the internal management level, fundamentally improve the product quality and service quality, reduce and avoid the generation of unqualified products; by strengthening the process improvement and process control, the purpose of optimizing the process, controlling the cost and reducing the consumption is achieved; through the participation of all staff, the effect of improving quality, operating standard, implementation in place and standard operation is achieved. All enterprises that have passed the certification indicate that the various management systems of the enterprises have reached international standards, which is equivalent to the "green pass" for international and domestic trade, indicating that the enterprises can continuously and steadily provide customers with expected and satisfactory qualified products, continuously improve customer satisfaction, improve product visibility, and make products more competitive in the market.