Salute to Bayi | | What is taking off is the uniform, what is unchanged is the true color.


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The picture shows the military parade


August 1 is the anniversary of the founding of the Chinese people's Liberation Army

A peaceful and stable land of China is the great mission of the Chinese People's Liberation Army to defend the country and the people.

For the happiness of the motherland and the people!


They guard

people's life

Where there is danger

Where is the People's Liberation Army?

They are guarded.

Deep Blue, Far Sea, Southern Wild, Snowy Border

Build with loyalty and faith



Is the pride of the motherland

The pride of the people!


The impenetrable Great Wall of Steel


They were in uniform.

Keep the country and the people at heart

They had rushed to the front line of flood relief.

Build bridges with your body.

They fought the mob to the death.

Defeat a strong enemy without fear of life and death

They 've also seen satellite launches.

Every part and equipment touched and repaired

All carry them.

Hot and hot glory......


Now they're out of uniform

Engendering in various positions

But the discharge does not fade

The red flag is still there.

Patriotic feelings forever in the heart

Now they're engineers, accountants

Performance inspectors, drivers, security......

Different jobs.

The same deep patriotic feelings!

When "military uniform" is replaced by "tooling"

They still hold on to the fortitude and bravery of the soldiers.

After they retired from the army, they came to Pengfei.

In the new post courageously shoulder the burden

Lead the people around to fight forward

Add color to the party flag, glory to the military emblem, and add color to Pengfei!


No matter where you are

Can't erase the true qualities of a brave and resolute military man

red and green intertwined

Innovative and courageous peers

They are in Pengfei

Continue to stick to the mission!


Used to use life and flesh

Defend the Motherland Peace

At this time with wisdom and sweat

Help the motherland rich and strong!


Do not forget your initiative mind continues to move forward!


Salute to the lovely Chinese People's Liberation Army

We love your uniform.

Defend the country!


Salute to lovely veterans

We love you too. Get out of your uniform.

Don't forget your first heart!