Happy Jiaofang Yongfuyuan Community welcomes the owners to go home


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Hands over the house and heart to heart happiness set sail! At 10: 00 a.m. on July 25, Pengfei Group Yongfuyuan Community Phase I handover ceremony was officially launched!!! Building 8#, Building 9#, Building 10#, Building 13#, Building 15#, a total of 60 houses will be officially delivered, and the majority of owners have ushered in the long-awaited happy harbor.

Peng Fei Group Vice President, Project Commander, Project General Manager Tian Zhenguo, Executive Deputy General Manager Zhou Tao, Deputy General Manager of Finance Hao Bin, Qiao Xiaoqin, Deputy General Manager of Administration Lu Xiaofang and other leaders attended the event.

Speech by Tian Zhenguo, Zhou Tao and Owner Representatives

Yongfuyuan Community is a high-end and high-quality community developed and constructed by Dafu Real Estate under Pengfei Group. It is dedicated to improving the taste of urban construction and optimizing the living environment. The total construction area is about 200000 square meters, and the greening rate accounts for 40%. It is one of the communities with the largest green area around Xiaoyi. It is a garden community with "home in the park, park is home.

After the grand opening of Yongfuyuan in November 2019, it was once favored and sought after by Xiaoyi citizens. During the period of accelerating the improvement of public infrastructure, the construction of the community was briefly shelved by the impact of the new crown epidemic. Following the pace of the group company to resume work and production, the project system closely focused on the delivery time, to catch up with the duration, and finally today to meet the majority of owners happy home good wishes.

Tian Zhenguo gave the owner's representative the golden key to open the door of happiness, harmony and happiness, which means that all kinds of rooms in the community will be officially delivered to the owner immediately.

There are many surprises and highlights at the event site.

In order to give the owners a more honorable and perfect delivery experience, the group company provides the owners with concierge delivery service, magic show, lucky draw, delicious dessert, delicious drinks, welcome greetings, etc., so that the owners can enjoy the courtesy of returning home.

Yongjin property also uses its own practical actions to fulfill its commitment to the owners, one-stop service for on-site house delivery and acceptance, so that the owners can enjoy a full range of housekeeping services.

Wei Huabiao, General Manager of Property

The property company will closely focus on the purpose of "creating a happy home for owners" proposed by Chairman Zheng Peng, provide owners with high-quality, fast, and high-end property services, and at the same time apply 5G to service management, and actively explore new property management in the new era. mode.

Owners of Wing Fok Court

Compared with many residential areas, we are not very satisfied. Our residential area has good greening, considerate service, high grade and reasonable price. We booked the house on the same day. Today's handover ceremony gave the majority of owners a peace of mind.

I am a little excited. The house I bought last winter was closed this year. Today's activity is also very satisfactory. I bought a house and my life is happier!

In the future, Pengfei Group will devote itself to building Yongfuyuan Community into a first-class intelligent garden community in the city, and Yongjin Property into a first-class high-end property in the city, thus adding another bright business card of happy home to Xiaoyi City.