Pengwan Hydrogen Port Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park Planning Review Meeting Successfully Concluded!


Pengfei Group News Center



Seize the opportunity for the development of the hydrogen energy industry and accelerate the development of the hydrogen energy industry. On July 21, the planning project of the Pengwan Hydrogen Port Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park in Xiaoyi City passed the review. This is the first specific hydrogen energy industrial park plan in our province. The group's strategic choice to take the lead in the high-end development of the new coal chemical industry is also an important measure for our city to build a national resource-based economy green circular development demonstration zone and achieve sustainable development.

Guo Chuanming, Deputy Director of the Industry Division of the Shanxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Wang Tinghong, Deputy Secretary of the Xiaoyi Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of the Government, Wang Haiwang, Deputy Director of the Luliang Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Li Diansheng, Director of the Standing Committee of the Xiaoyi Municipal People's Congress, Wang Chengjun, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, Yan Xiangjue, Chairman of the Federation of the Federation of Trade Unions, and Du, and other leaders attended the CPPCC Du Hongtao. The meeting was presided over by Wang Yong, vice mayor of Xiaoyi municipal government.

In his speech, Li Diansheng said that the Xiaoyi Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government will provide a broad stage for all experts and business representatives present to display their talents and create brilliance with the most pragmatic style, the most preferential policies, and the most efficient service.

Fang Yitian, director of the Institute of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, researcher and expert in the field of coal chemical industry, served as the leader of the planning review team. The expert group listened to the report, reviewed the relevant materials, and after questioning and discussion, it believed that the planning direction was clear and feasible, in line with the national and provincial industrial policies and future market needs, and played a leading and exemplary role in the high-quality development of the coal chemical industry. it plays an important role in promoting the realization of the vanguard of the energy revolution in Shanxi.    



Hydrogen energy is regarded as the most promising, most clean and efficient secondary energy in the 21st century. Both at home and abroad are accelerating the layout of hydrogen energy industry, China's hydrogen energy industry has entered a stage of rapid development. The hydrogen energy industry of Xiaoyi Pengwan Hydrogen Port (planning period: 2020~2035) relies on the resources and industrial development advantages of Pengfei Group and Xiaoyi City, combines hydrogen energy with traditional coal chemical industry, builds a technical platform for hydrogen production from coke oven gas and coal, forms a hydrogen energy industry chain of hydrogen production, hydrogen energy storage and transportation, hydrogen energy application and research and development, and builds a hydrogen energy industry demonstration base in Shanxi Province and even the whole country.

Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group, said that he was very pleased that the review meeting was a complete success. In the past, Pengfei has embarked on a new path for the development and growth of basic industries with experts in terms of industrial foundation and upgrading of traditional industries. Today, Pengfei has formed a new type of traditional industrial enterprise with energy industry foundation, coking industry foundation and gas industry foundation. Tomorrow's Pengfei will focus on the "six new" and turn the hydrogen energy industry into a hydrogen energy industry base in Xiaoyi, Shanxi, China and even the world. I hope all the experts can, as always, accompany Pengfei to the world.

Guo Chuanming pointed out that the Pengwan Hydrogen Port hydrogen energy industry project is a practical measure to implement the supply-side structural reform of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the "four for four highs and two synchronizations" proposed by Secretary Lou Yangsheng. It is of great significance to the transformation and development of Xiaoyi and Shanxi. It is also important to interpret the policies of the state and Shanxi Province on hydrogen energy development.

Wang Tinghong pointed out that the project planning should be well-placed and well-planned, based on the new development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing" proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping, and the "four for four" proposed by Secretary Lou Yangsheng. "Two synchronization" must be followed, and various resource elements in the park should be integrated through high-quality planning to release maximum energy and maximum benefits. It is believed that Pengfei Group dares to think and try, takes the lead in planning and developing the hydrogen energy industry, has a sense of responsibility, passion and confidence, and the municipal party committee and municipal government and the development zone will fully support it. At the same time, Pengfei is required to closely focus on the development of the hydrogen energy industry, establish academicians and doctoral workstations at the same time, establish its own scientific research laboratory, and improve the chain of high-quality elements such as talents, technology and scientific research, ensure that the industry has enough room for development in the future.

The successful passing of the planning review of Pengwan Hydrogen Port Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park marks that the project is about to enter the substantive implementation stage. This is a major achievement of Xiaoyi Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government in implementing the provincial party committee's "transformation into the key link and project into the king". It is Pengfei Group's innovative breakthrough of focusing on six new, courageous and active actions. It will surely create a new highland for Pengfei to develop hydrogen energy industry and help Shanxi's transformation with high quality.

Relevant leaders of Xiaoyi Economic Development Zone, responsible persons of relevant departments of the development zone, relevant municipal units, responsible persons of villages and towns, and representatives of enterprises in the park attended the activity.