Dragon Boat Festival we with Ankang


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Wanshui Qianshan "zongzi" is love

A piece of rice dumpling leaf

A wisp of fragrance

a straw rope

Wrapped up the taste of the millennium heritage

Wish Pengfei family members the Dragon Boat Festival well-being!

This June

It happens to be the 19th safe production month in the country.


Let Xiaobian take you to understand

How does Pengfei protect "Ankang"



The Group's 2020 "Ankang Cup" Competition

Strong consciousness to check hidden dangers

Promoting development and ensuring well-being

This competition is divided into safety answer link and safety skills competition link

The players are in high spirits and scrambling.

With a stable playing field

achieved excellent results



Grasp Safe Production and Build a Secure Defense Line

Safety production is everyone's responsibility

Methanol plant shutdown overhaul

Field inspection of desulfurization tower and lifting operation in Pengfei Coking Plant

In Pengfei

Everyone is a security officer.



Pengfei Group Food Safety Training

Food is the first food for the people

To better popularize food safety knowledge

Create a good food safety production environment

Ensure the safety of staff meals

General Department Invited Xiaoyi Market Supervision and Administration Bureau Feng Xiaode

Training of relevant catering personnel




Food safety special inspection: details of prevention and control standards on the wall

Implementation of food safety training

Special inspection of the staff canteens of Pengfei, Methanol and Xinyu No.3 Factory

Safety is no small matter

Details see the real chapter

Build Pengfei Staff Rest assured Canteen



Multi-departments of the group company jointly carry out fire safety drills

This drill simulates the fire rescue scene

the tense atmosphere at the scene

Let the participants deeply understand

The importance of "merciless water and fire prevention is greater than disaster relief"

Also tested.

Emergency Response and Disaster Relief Capability of Pengfei Emergency Team



Star Service Safe Travel

Comprehensive Department Launches Pengfei "Old Driver" Competition

Strict requirements for standardized operation

The best quality service

The most comfortable ride

Absolute ride safety

Safe travel

They are trustworthy


Safety is not just talk.

It's about forming a subconscious habit of safety.

Believe in the protection of the group company

Pengfei people will be able to "well-being"


Chairman Zheng Peng: the life of a professional is closely related to our enterprise from the moment he leaves the house to the moment he returns home at night.

Finally, I wish everyone a healthy Dragon Boat Festival and a healthy life forever.