Pengfei and China Unicom Common Spectrum Coal Coke Chemical 5G Application New Chapter



On June 17, Zheng Peng, chairman and president of Pengfei Group's board of directors, and Wu Tong, president of Shanxi Branch of China Unicom's government-enterprise customer business group, unveiled the "5G Smart Coal Chemical" application laboratory at Pengfei Coking Plant. This marks the birth of the Coking 5G Application Laboratory in Pengfei Group!

The seed of this 5G smart factory was moistened by light rain on the first day of sowing. Hao Jiping, director of Luliang Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Niu Jianbin, deputy director, Wang Tinghong, deputy secretary of Xiaoyi Municipal Committee and mayor of Xiaoyi Municipal Committee, and Wang Yong, deputy mayor, attended the ceremony in the rain to congratulate them. They also visited the office area of Pengfei's "5G Smart Coal Chemical Industry" Application Laboratory, visited the expansion and application of 5G technology on site, and looked forward to the new future of 5G smart coal chemical industry.

At the unveiling ceremony, Chairman Zheng Peng introduced that Pengfei Group now has first-class coal, coke and chemical equipment in China and has a good industrial foundation. China Unicom and Pengfei have carried out "1 1 N" all-round and three-dimensional cooperation in 5G application, helping Pengfei's career to enlarge and develop infinitely. Pengfei will resolutely implement the "six new" requirements put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping, write a new chapter in the industrialization of 5G application of coal coke chemical industry, and take the lead in wading out a new path in the industrial application of 5G coal coke chemical industry.

In his speech, Wang Tinghong affirmed the positive demonstration role of the establishment of the "5G Smart Coal Chemical Industry" application laboratory for private enterprises in the city to introduce advanced information technology and strengthen foreign cooperation. It is hoped that Pengfei and Unicom can speed up the pace of cooperation, give full play to the advantages of resources and innovation, and help the high-end, intelligent and refined development of coal and coke chemical industry in Xiaoyi City to a new level. The Xiaoyi Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government will make every effort to create a good development environment, jointly promote the deep integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, etc. with the economy and society, and work together to create an open and win-win new ecology of the 5G industry.

Hao Jiping pointed out that the development history of Pengfei is a living fossil of the development of modern private economy, and its diversified supply system plays a colorful movement of private enterprises from small to large and from weak to strong. As the "mother's family" of industrial enterprises, Luliang Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology always keeps the development of industrial enterprises in mind, always pays close attention to the development projects of enterprises, and will spare no effort to promote the "5g smart coal chemical industry" project in Pengfei to land smoothly and take root.

Wu Tong believes that Pengfei and Shanxi Unicom have established a good relationship of mutual trust and interaction in the long-term full-service cooperation process, and have built the first 5G-based video surveillance system in the coal chemical industry in the province. The establishment of the 5G Application Joint Laboratory of Coal Chemical Industry and the signing of the cooperation agreement will further realize the combination of "production, learning, and research, to contribute to the transformation and upgrading of Pengfei and even Shanxi coal industry, and to lead the intelligent and intelligent coal chemical industry in the whole province!




After the ceremony, the leaders of the government, enterprises and operators connected with Fan Ji 'an, an expert of the national "Thousand-Person Plan" and chief scientist of China Unicom's big data, to discuss the intelligent coal chemical industry with the theme of "5G Industrial Interconnection Helps Pengfei Development" at Pengfei State Guest Hotel.

In a warm and enterprising atmosphere, Chairman Zheng Peng and Wu Tong signed the "5G Smart Coal Chemical Industry" cooperation agreement, officially opening a new chapter in 5G industrial applications!