Ren Jianrong, Party Secretary of Luliang Federation of Trade Unions, Investigates in Pengfei Group



The picture shows a group of people watching the party building propaganda film.


On June 8, Ren Jianrong, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Executive Vice Chairman of the Luliang City Federation of Trade Unions, highly affirmed that the Pengfei Federation of Trade Unions is helping and guiding needy employees to get out of trouble, enriching their spare time cultural life, and seeking welfare for employees. A series of practical measures to enhance the cohesion of enterprises believe that Pengfei Trade Union has truly played a huge role in serving the development and construction of enterprises.

Yan Xiangjue, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Xiaoyi Municipal People's Congress and chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions, Wang Xiaohua, vice chairman, and Lu Xiaofang, chairman and administrative deputy general manager of the Pengfei Group Trade Union Federation, accompanied the investigation.

Ren Jianrong walked into the Pengfei Group branch of xiaoyi city Library to feel the superior reading environment and strong cultural atmosphere of Pengfei employees. He praised Pengfei Trade Union for actively shaping "scholarly enterprises", focusing on the construction of ideological sources, and guiding and helping employees to grow into useful talents for enterprises and society.

The picture shows a group of people walking into the library.


Lu Xiaofang reported on a series of fruitful work done by Pengfei trade unions at all levels in recent years in helping and guiding needy workers to get out of trouble.

He said that although all the employees in difficulties have taken off their hats, they still do not decouple after getting out of trouble. The trade union always cares about their work and life, and ensures that the signs of returning to poverty and various contradictions are resolved in the first place, so that employees can concentrate on creating value for the enterprise and creating wealth for individuals.

Ren Jianrong fully affirmed that the Pengfei Trade Union Federation has performed its duties and actively acted, and encouraged that it should continue to strengthen the ideological and political construction of the workforce, the construction of the trade union competition system and service capacity, the construction of the industrial worker team, and continuously improve the service level of the trade union, in order to promote the economy and society Development plays an active role in trade union organizations.‍