Pengfei Hand in Hand<中国移动>| | Signed 5G Strategic Cooperation Agreement</中国移动>



On June 2, Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group, and Yang Zhihong, Manager of China Mobile Luliang Branch, witnessed by Liang Hong, Director of Xiaoyi Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and other leaders, jointly signed a 5G strategic cooperation agreement.

Deeply promote the application of 5G network in the coking field, build the province's first 5G coking intelligent factory, and strive to build Pengfei Coking Plant into a national first-class, provincial model 5G construction pilot area, 5G integration application demonstration area.

This is another move to implement the national new infrastructure strategy after Pengfei Group signed a strategic contract with China Railway Taiyuan Bureau during the year to promote the implementation of the national "public transfer railway" policy, and wrote a strong and colorful stroke for the 5G construction process in Luliang City.

5G technology has excellent characteristics such as speed and local operation, load density, etc,It will infinitely amplify the human brain's ability to process intelligently,Future 5G applications,potentially unlimited real-time control units,in the hands of pengfei employees,Unlimited amplification and enhance the scale and efficiency of enterprises.

In terms of practical application,Pengfei industrial sectors such as coking, coal, property, hotels, etc,Development and safety, environmental protection, production and operation,should be driven into the 5G fast lane,Realize the interconnection of everything, intelligent research and judgment, real-time control,Plug in the wings of unlimited take-off for Pengfei,With 5G technology,The outstanding results of the application in the coking park and in the Pengfei Coking Plant,For Luliang City, for the coking industry!,Pengfei Coking,Not only to create a 5G demonstration zone,More to formThe entire industry, new industry formats,Coking for the whole provinceCome out of a new intelligent road‍.




The meeting room of the Green Hall of Pengfei State Guest Hotel was inspiring and the atmosphere was warm. The government, enterprises and operators held a friendly discussion.

Yang Zhihong, general manager of China Mobile's Luliang branch, said that China Mobile, as a leader in the telecommunications industry, has the confidence and ability to work with Pengfei Group, a leader in the coking industry, to promote the construction of 5G + intelligent factories and to work together on the follow-up ecological construction and layout.

In his speech, Chairman Zheng Peng said that he resolutely responded to the spirit of the Lvliang Municipal Government's instruction to build "the province's first 5G coking plant" in Pengfei's pilot project, and to play a more important role in the most exciting sectors of "Digital Valley Lvliang" and "Big Data Industry" in Lvliang City.

Liang Hong, director of the Xiaoyi Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, spoke highly of the signing of the strategic agreement between the two sides and the subsequent package of cooperation plans, saying that Chairman Zheng Peng has a high political position and strong social responsibility, and has always taken the lead in implementing the strategic layout of party committees and governments at all levels. set an example and strive for the first place.

It is hoped that the two parties will give full play to their leading advantages, continue to accelerate the pace of strategic cooperation and construction, create new highlights of 5G industrial applications in the coking industry in Xiaoyi City and the province, and promote high-speed and high-quality economic and social development.