Changyuan Coking Co., Ltd. waste heat power plant officially connected to the grid


On August 15, 2017, the 1 * 12000KW steam turbine generator set of the waste heat power plant of Changyuan coking co., ltd. successfully connected to the grid for power generation at 16:20 p.m. after three days of static and dynamic debugging, the problems found were eliminated one by one.

During the construction period, Dong Shumao, general manager of Changyuan Coking Co., Ltd., attached great importance to it and made careful arrangements. All relevant departments, in strict accordance with the requirements of the whole unit start-up plan, carried forward the working spirit of scientific rigor and excellence, and laid a solid foundation for the smooth commissioning of the power plant.


(The picture shows: steam turbine friction listening, on-site operators are "listening" to the "voice" of the steam turbine)




(The picture shows that the operator is checking the vibration of the steam turbine and feeling the vibration of the pulse of the steam turbine)




(The picture shows: the operator is carrying out the grid connection operation of Unit 1)


After the grid-connected power generation, the parameters of the boiler, steam turbine and generator show normal, and the system equipment operates safely and stably. After learning the good news, all the staff members cheered and cheered, with happy and joyful smiles on their faces, and the difficulties and hardships behind them also faded away, and some even left tears of excitement, which really confirmed a word -- "if you give, you will get something in return".





The success of the grid marks the Changyuan Coking Co., Ltd. since the environmental protection rectification and resumption of production, production began to enter a virtuous circle. This is the result of the joint efforts of leaders and employees at all levels of the group company. It has also taken a solid step for Changyuan Coking Co., Ltd. to develop circular economy and energy-saving economy, become another new profit growth point, and contribute to the development of the entire industrial chain of Pengfei Group. Make new contributions and truly realize Pengfei's daily prosperity and annual prosperity.