Double champion! The honor belongs to the mighty division of Pengfei




On May 31, Pengfei security team returned with honor in the professional skills competition for employees of Xiaoyi security service industry, winning two first prizes and two second prizes.

The competition was announced by Yan Xiangjue, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress and chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions. Lu Xiaofang, chairman of the trade union federation of the group company and deputy general manager of administration, and Wei Qiang, minister of security department, observed and guided on the spot.

Focus on Pengfei People

The soldiers are ready to fight, and the pillow is waiting. At 9: 30 a.m., the competition officially kicked off. Twelve teams competed on the same stage. The participants were dressed in strict clothes and were in high spirits. Although the sun was scorching, they still failed to stop their enthusiasm.

Queue formation, enemy capture boxing, baton shield exercise, emergency stick technique, their slogans resounded through the audience, the action is coherent and powerful, they are Pengfei strength!

Pengfei's participating teams are particularly eye-catching on the field, with skillful movements, tacit cooperation, quick response, high morale, loud slogans and wonderful performance, showing Pengfei's elegant demeanor of coming, fighting and winning!

win honor

  • First prize in the Enemy Boxing Competition

  • Baton Shield Fuck Competition First Prize

  • Second prize of queue formation competition

  • Second prize of emergency cudgel competition

There is always a reward for their efforts. They practice over and over again, correct and correct their mistakes again and again, which has created their stable performance in the field and their silent efforts behind their excellent results.

Security gallops on the battlefield, job skills training. For a long time, Pengfei security personnel have adhered to their post responsibilities, regardless of cold and heat, regardless of wind and rain, and silently guarded Pengfei's safety and order. I believe that through repeated post training, Pengfei will be able to cultivate batch after batch of high-quality, professional and capable security guards, and create another Pengfei exclusive business card.