Report, assembled, please instruct!


Pengfei Group News Center


Report! Gathering complete! Please review! The horn of the new journey has been sounded. Pengfei's goal is called ahead. It has been 23 days of hard work. What they have experienced is either the scorching sun or the heavy rain. The marching men are brave and ready. The marching men have ordered like a mountain. The military training for more than 20 days has come to a perfect end here. Today, the ready-to-go security team has assembled, waiting for the highest standard review!

Fixation of the lapel, righting the brim of the hat, a military uniform, Hold the whole audience, imposing, sonorous steps, showing Peng Fei's elegant demeanour!

Pengfei security personnel are all in high spirits,morale is high,A neat team,tall and straight heroic posture,A loud slogan,Almost perfect tactical move,he left a deep impression on those present,Countless tears of sweat,At this moment,into supreme pride and glory,fully demonstrated,Group security team,Call to come, come to fight,The spirit of victory in the war.

There's a standing posture that stands,There is a kind of salute eyes firm,Persistently adhere to responsibility,are synonymous with them,They are always on the front line,Escort for the company's safe production,Create a harmonious and healthy working atmosphere for employees.

They are,pengfei security personnel,the more the warriors fought, the more courageous they became,BelieveThrough hard training,Pengfei will be able to cultivate a team,Excellent skills, strict military discipline, fine style,Cohesive, deterrent,Fighting the security of the iron army.


Chairman Zheng Peng felt this exciting performance and affirmed the confidence and strength of Pengfei they showed in this performance.

He said: "This team is not only a confident force for Pengfei's security, but also an indispensable team for the preparation and defense of the Ministry of Armed Forces of the Xiaoyi People's Republic of China. More than 20 days of summer training show the strong strength of the security team members who are not afraid of the heat, dare to challenge, and dare to fight against all kinds of harsh conditions and climate. The face is black and the body is black, but your black has polished Pengfei's green. This spirit also inspires all Pengfei people to continue to succeed and win greater victories under various harsh environments, hardships and challenges in the future."

Security Department of Pengfei Group,Summer military training results reporting activities,In the solemn song of the company,A successful conclusion.

But this one is fighting,A team that marched forward,is resolutely defending the vigorous development of pengfei,To defend the mighty power of the Pengfei people,In the high-quality development of Pengfei Group,A hundred years of glorious struggle in the book,Write down the glorious record of invincibility.