Scholarly April | | Xiaoyi City Library Pengfei Group Branch Launched



On April 23, we ushered in the 25th World Reading Day and the launching ceremony of the Xiaoyi City Library branch. Pengfei people have a new reading and learning position.

Su Wenqing, Deputy Mayor of Xiaoyi City, Li Qingrong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Group of the CPPCC and President of the Municipal Reading Association, Geng Xiaohong, Deputy Minister of the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Yang Yongzhong, Director of the Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau, and Zhang Yangling, Vice Chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, Guo Xiangdong and other relevant leaders Attended the launching ceremony.

Su Wenqing said that the establishment of the Pengfei Group branch of the Xiaoyi City Library fully reflects the great importance Pengfei Group attaches to the construction of corporate culture, and fully demonstrates the company's advanced management concepts and profound cultural heritage. It is hoped that the majority of employees will develop good reading habits, further deepen the construction of corporate culture, strive to build a learning enterprise, and make new contributions to the in-depth promotion of national reading and the high-quality development of urban cultural construction.

The leaders participating in the activity visited the branch of Pengfei Group and experienced the reading space carefully created by the Group for cadres and workers.

The staff of the Xiaoyi City Library handled the borrowing card for the cadres and employees of the group company on the spot. With the borrowing card, they can borrow the books they need free of charge at the Xiaoyi City Library or any branch library, and start a different cultural journey in Pengfei. Journey of life. The launch of the branch symbolizes Pengfei's constant learning, daily learning, and lifelong learning, building a learning organization, and comprehensively improving the comprehensive quality and literacy of 15000 employees.

The current neo-crown epidemic has affected our industry, city and country, and special difficult times require all Pengfei people to solve their difficulties, create miracles and change their lives through reading.





Chairman Zheng Peng calls on all Pengfei people

Through reading, in 2020, we will benchmark our coking industry against the domestic first-class, achieve the domestic first-class, and turn our industrial chain into the world's longest, the world's best, and the world's most competitive industrial chain.

Through reading, every Pengfei person's knowledge, consciousness, courage and ability will be enhanced, and he will become a knowledgeable, ambitious and powerful Pengfei person.

Through learning, in order to jointly realize the construction of a beautiful Luliang with blue and green interweaving, mountains and rivers, integration of industry and city, and livable and suitable for business proposed by Mayor Wang Liwei in the "Government Work Report" of the Seventh Session of the Third People's Congress of Luliang City We Pengfei people's contribution.