Tripartite Talks between Government, Enterprise and Institute of Hydrogen Energy Project Held in Pengfei


Pengfei Group News Center


On April 9, Li Diansheng, director of the standing Committee of the Xiaoyi Municipal people's Congress, and Zheng Peng, chairman and president of Pengfei Group, met with Huang Zhizhong, president of Shandong High-end Science and Technology Engineering Research Institute, and his entourage, and the three parties held exchanges and discussions on the cooperation of the Pengwan hydrogen Port Industrial Park project.

At the meeting, after understanding the basic situation of Pengfei hydrogen energy project, Huang Zhizhong introduced the technical advantages of the hospital in solid hydrogen conversion, its safety and market competitive advantages compared with traditional gaseous and liquid hydrogen, as well as the demand points for cooperation between the two sides, in combination with Sino-US trade, hydrogen energy development prospects and policy trends.

Chairman Zheng Peng said that Pengfei itself already has a complete set of hydrogen energy industry development paths in hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, hydrogen transportation, hydrogen use and hydrogen energy vehicle equipment, and hopes that the world's first Pengfei brand hydrogen energy freight truck will be born in Xiaoyi. The top priority is to hope that the hospital can assist Pengfei, determine the planning path and technical scheme through high-end experts, transform the respective advantages of both sides into greater advantages, mature one and develop one, and help the project to blossom.

Li Diansheng is full of confidence in the cooperation between the real economy and the technical institute. At the same time, he pointed out that the new industrial projects must seize the market opportunity and interpret the price comparison before and after Pengfei LNG is put into production and the current price comparison. He hoped that hydrogen energy, as Xiaoyi's unique new industrial base, could be put into practice as soon as possible and enter the substantive stage.

At present, a new round of energy reform in the direction of green, low-carbon, diversified, efficient and intelligent is booming. The layout of Pengfei's hydrogen energy industry conforms to the world trend of the energy revolution. Taking advantage of the situation and following the trend, standing at the forefront of the times, Shanxi, a traditional energy base, will burst out with new vitality and add strong impetus to the national energy revolution.

Wu Jianfei, vice president of Shanxi Branch of Shandong Higher Academy of Sciences and assistant director of xiaoyi city Economic Development Zone Management Committee, Liu Xuewei and Huang Qian, vice presidents of Shandong Higher Academy of Sciences, Wang Jun, chairman of Chantong Hongwan, Qiu Xiaohong, Chinese investor, Wang Wenge, director of hydrogen technology research and development center of Tsinghua High-tech Research and Promotion Department, and other leaders attended the forum.