Xia Bin, Vice President of Taiyuan Branch of Minsheng Bank, and his party visited Pengfei for investigation.



On April 8, Zheng Peng, chairman and president of Pengfei Group, met with Xia Bin, vice president of Minsheng Bank Taiyuan Branch and his party, and accompanied them to Pengfei's 5 million-ton coking production base, methanol co-production LNG production base and Pengfei multimedia exhibition hall for investigation.

Along the way, Xia Bin experienced the spring scenery of Xiaoyi and Pengfei green. Xia Bin sighed that this is a new era of coking industry and a new green and clean face that breaks away from the "gray head" of traditional industry. It is said that a clear and forward-looking development plan establishes the foundation for Pengfei's future development, and it is necessary to make precise efforts, strengthen management, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Chairman Zheng Peng introduced that Pengfei is the only coking enterprise in Shanxi province that has been rated as a green factory. What it hears is waste and what it sees is loss. It takes back all the available resources in the production process and really squeezes them out.

In recent years, with the deepening of the market economy and the construction of multi-level financial markets, small and medium-sized enterprises are gradually becoming the object of cooperation of major commercial banks, this survey is not only to promote the implementation of Shanxi Province's relevant support policies for small and medium-sized enterprises during the epidemic, effective, but also the two sides in the cooperation to seek new value growth points, hand in hand for mutual benefit and win-win sincere exchanges.