The treasure of industrial enterprises-the leader of Shanxi provincial supervision group said Pengfei



On March 30, Guo Li, head of the fourth supervision group of the provincial party committee, deputy director of the provincial CPPCC Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas Chinese and Foreign Affairs Committee, and Wang Dong, deputy head of the provincial education department, went deep into the Pengfei methanol co-production LNG production base to supervise and investigate the resumption of work and production of enterprises.

Li Jianguo, member of the standing Committee of the Luliang Municipal CPC Committee and executive vice mayor, Liang Zhiyong, member of the standing Committee of the Luliang Municipal CPC Committee and secretary of the Xiaoyi Municipal CPC Committee, and Wang Yong, vice mayor of the Xiaoyi Municipal Government, accompanied the investigation. Chairman Zheng Peng cordially received and introduced the relevant situation in detail.

Chairman Zheng Peng praised the municipal party committee and municipal government for Pengfei's strong support for the resumption of work and the reform of the transfer of iron, and introduced the basic situation of Pengfei's raw coal, coal washing, coking and chemical sectors.

Guo Li learned about the huge impact of the epidemic on Pengfei's production and operation, the employment situation of the enterprise, and the problems that need to be coordinated and solved. It is pointed out that Pengfei, as a large enterprise, epidemic prevention is very important. In the critical period of epidemic prevention and control and production and operation, Pengfei can not catch a cold, and governments at all levels should coordinate and solve the difficult problems encountered by enterprises.

It is clearly stated that Pengfei is the treasure of industrial enterprises and has an important position in its contribution to the city's industrial added value.

Leaders of the provincial government, the Provincial Department of Commerce, the Provincial Poverty Alleviation Office, the Supervision Section of the Luliang Municipal Government, the Industry and Information Bureau, the Education Bureau, the Xiaoyi Economic Development Zone Management Committee, the Industry and Information Bureau, and the Education and Technology Bureau participated in the survey.