Spring breeze is not as good as greening with you | planting trees with Pengfei




On March 16, the start-up conference of spring afforestation in wenshui county in 2020 was held on the bank of the Ciyao River in Bei Zhang Township. Liang Baoming presided over the meeting.

Liang Baoming, secretary of the county party committee, Wang Feng, deputy secretary of the county party committee and county magistrate, Wang Binjan, vice president and general manager of Pengfei Group, Zhang Zhiqiang, general manager of Jintaoyuan Coking Plant, county people's congresses, county CPPCC, and heads of county units and townships attended.

The spring afforestation and greening launch conference is an important measure to thoroughly implement General Secretary Jinping's ecological civilization thought, deepen environmental protection, promote ecological restoration, improve the living environment, promote rural revitalization, and build a beautiful and livable new cultural water. -- Liang Baoming

All units, townships, and enterprises can establish the idea of "a game of chess", fulfill their responsibilities and cooperate closely, quickly set off a climax of greening, embody new responsibilities and new actions on the battlefield of afforestation and greening, and show new vitality and new style. -- Wang Feng

Pengfei Group will actively respond to the afforestation and greening arrangements of the county party committee and county government to promote ecological construction and improve the living environment, and thoroughly implement the three-year afforestation and greening implementation plan of Wenshui County from 2018 to 2020. to make due contributions to the construction of livable Wenshui. -- wang bingan

Government and enterprise cadres and the masses have joined in,during the intense voluntary tree-planting activities,with practical action,Building beautiful livable homes,Gold and silver mountains are not as good as green mountains,Pengfei has always been committed to green environmental protection in industrial development, and in the construction of the local ecological environment, it is urgent for the government to think about the government. In the 26-kilometer greening project along the Ciyao River in 2019, the Jintaoyuan Coking Plant bravely assumed social responsibility, undertook more than half of the greening work, and earnestly worked for the well-being of the people..