Wang Feng, a second-level inspector of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, conducted a survey in Pengfei.




On March 12, Wang Feng, the second-level inspector of the Shanxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, and his entourage visited Pengfei, accompanied by Wang Yong, Deputy Mayor of Xiaoyi City, Liang Hong, Director of Xiaoyi City Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and Zhang Peiqing, Deputy Director, and Guo Shixin, Vice President of Pengfei Group Received.

During the investigation, Wang Feng understood the technological process of Pengfei Group's 6.25-meter three-stage heated tamping coke oven and the new coal chemical industry chain system with closed full cycle. Encourage Pengfei to adhere to the concept of innovative development, continue to extend the coal coking industry chain, promote the development and upgrading of the fine coal coking chemical industry, ensure that raw materials are eaten dry and squeezed, and further enhance the added value of products.

Since the resumption of work, Pengfei Group has actively responded to the relevant policies issued by government departments to implement the promotion of "epidemic prevention and control, economic development two-handed hard". With the learning concept of "learning all the time, learning every day and learning for life", employees are encouraged to rapidly improve their professional skills, and "the epidemic is both a difficulty and an opportunity" is used to promote self-analysis within the enterprise, sort out and fill up the deficiencies in the organizational structure and workflow, and promote the high-quality development of the enterprise.

At the same time, with the spirit of Secretary Lou Yangsheng's speech that "every hour in March cannot be wasted" as an instruction, we should pay attention to production and benefits, quickly become a strategic partner with China Railway, and boldly carry out cooperation in hydrogen energy vehicle projects to integrate hydrogen energy production with traditional coal chemical industry. Try to take back the lost time, make up for the tasks left behind, and pull up the pace of development.