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On the 5th, Shanxi Pengfei Group Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jiexiu Depot of China Railway Taiyuan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. Pengfei Group 5 million tons of coke will be transferred from road to rail transport. The achievement of strategic cooperation not only marks the first time for our city's enterprises to turn coke to iron in Luliang, but also the first result of our city's victory in the battle of pollution prevention and control in 2020, promoting the adjustment of transportation structure, and vigorously promoting the "revolution to iron.

Sun Yansheng, deputy general manager of Taiyuan Bureau, and Wang Yong, deputy mayor of Xiaoyi Municipal Government, attended the signing ceremony. Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group, Yan Delong, Chief of Jiexiu Depot, Party Secretary of Jiexiu Depot and other leaders attended the signing ceremony.




In his speech, Chairman Zheng Peng, on behalf of the Luliang City Federation of Private Entrepreneurs, Luliang City Coking Industry Association, Pengfei Group, expressed his deep gratitude to the leaders of Taiyuan Bureau and Xiaoyi City Government for actively responding to the Party Central Committee's call to "grasp the epidemic with one hand and production with the other", and to be able to enter the enterprise during the special period of the epidemic.

At the same time, the signing of this strategic cooperation agreement marks that the coke produced by Pengfei in Luliang City has created a precedent for "revolution to railway", and marks the implementation of the decision-making and deployment of Jiexiu train depot of China Railway Taiyuan Bureau and Xiaoyi municipal Party committee and municipal government to the central government.

Yan Delong, head of the Jiexiu Depot, said in his speech that the Jiexiu Depot and Pengfei Group formally signed a contract in Xiaoyi City, where filial piety is important, marking the cooperation model of complementary advantages, resource sharing, mutual benefit and mutual trust, and common development between the two parties. A new step.

Vice Mayor Wang Yong introduced Xiaoyi's industrial production capacity and the current situation that railway transportation only accounts for 20% of the total freight transportation. He believed that there was much room for the development of railway transportation in Xiaoyi. At the same time, Xiaoyi Municipal Party Committee and Government will do its best to support the various business needs of Taiyuan Bureau, Jiexiu Depot and Pengfei Group in Xiaoyi, and make every effort to build a first-class service-oriented government to repay the enterprise and the road bureau.

Sun Yansheng, deputy general manager of Taiyuan Bureau, introduced the achievements of Taiyuan Bureau in optimizing layout, expanding transport capacity and improving service in recent years. Said that the epidemic further promoted the pace of the road bureau forward, Pengfei lit a light of Xiaoyi City, the road bureau hopes to have better cooperation with Xiaoyi City, starting with Pengfei, in accordance with the speed of Pengfei, continue to promote the construction of Xiaoyi City, the national transfer of railway advanced city.