@ Taiyuan Railway Bureau: Pengfei Strategic Partner




On March 1, Yan Delong, head of Jiexiu Depot, and Wu Tiejun, Secretary of the Party Committee, came to Pengfei to discuss strategic cooperation. Pengfei Group Chairman and President Zheng Peng, Vice President Li Yang and other relevant personnel attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Wu Tiejun, on behalf of the second group leader of the marketing and public relations team of Taiyuan Railway Bureau, expressed his desire to reach in-depth strategic cooperation with the group company.

The two sides discussed and analyzed the railway freight volume of Pengfei products and raw materials. Yan Delong said that the biggest growth point of Taiyuan Railway Bureau is coke and alumina, which needs strong support from Pengfei. At the same time, from the perspective of train depot, it will fully cooperate with the enterprise's domestic transportation and export in all aspects.

President Zheng Peng said that General Secretary Xi Jinping's decision on the deployment of social and economic development under the overall promotion of epidemic prevention and control is too timely, and free highways have never been in history, which has played a great role in relieving pressure and smooth operation of enterprises.

We believe that we are also pursuing value enhancement and value maximization. The cooperation between the two parties is an opportunity for transformation. We hope to sign a strategic cooperation agreement to increase the confidence of enterprises. At the same time, it is required that the supply and marketing system should be established, the sales channels should be rearranged according to the needs of strategic development, and a framework agreement should be issued and signed quickly.