[Don't be afraid of wind and rain, break through waves, strengthen your body, keep fit and make great efforts] Pengfei Group Held Year-end Commendation Conference


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Pengfei Group's 2019 Work Summary Recognition and 2020 Work Arrangement Meeting Held Ceremoniously in Dongfeng Theater

Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group, a total of 851 people from regional companies, cadres at all levels, commended personnel, new college students and employee representatives in 2019 participated in the activity. The meeting kicked off with the national anthem.

The Executive President and Vice Presidents of Pengfei Group will make an annual report on the work of the system.

Dai Guang, Executive President of Pengfei Group, and Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group, signed the 2020 Target Responsibility Letter

The meeting commended 11 awards such as [loyal Pengfei people] [noble Pengfei people] [cohesion Pengfei people] [enterprising Pengfei people] [beautiful Pengfei people] [Pengfei craftsmen] [innovation award] [dedicated Pengfei people] [excellent factory department] [excellent factory minister] [excellent system chief].

Chairman Zheng Peng pointed out that in 2019, Shanxi is in the transition period of transforming its development mode, optimizing its economic structure, and transforming its growth momentum. It is Pengfei's year full of difficulties and obstacles, internal and external difficulties, very unforgettable and memorable.

2019 is the key year for Pengfei Group to lead the parallel transformation from high-speed growth to high-quality and high-speed development around innovation, and the decisive year for the realization of project production, factory efficiency and green development of circular industry.‍

Chairman Zheng Peng reviewed Pengfei's achievements in party building, management, innovation, environmental protection, projects, talents, honors and other aspects in the past year, as well as the brilliant achievements of milestone significance, such as the acceptance of Changxin Mine and the successful signing of 10 billion hydrogen energy projects.

Pengfei can achieve today's achievements without the Pengfei people who have followed and worked hard all the way. Pengfei has always chosen those Pengfei people who are loyal to Pengfei. Pengfei will eventually remember the Pengfei people who dedicated Pengfei. You are the founders of Pengfei's success, the portrayals of Pengfei's beautiful blueprint, the creators of Pengfei's great achievements, and must be the sharers of Pengfei's development achievements.‍

Looking 2020 forward!

Fully grasp the implementation of the overall over-completion

In his work deployment in 2020, Chairman Zheng Peng asked all units to adhere to the new development concept. Under the guidance of Pengfei spirit, and in accordance with the positioning of "do the best in the world if you want to do it", he formulated the grand development goal of Pengfei, which is a century of big coal, strong coke and fine chemical industry.

Adhere to the guiding phalanx of "changing thinking, advancing with the times, facing difficulties, and pursuing perfection", and continue to move forward, through the construction of chains, supplementing chains, and extending chains, to build a country with the largest scale, the highest technological content, and competitiveness The strongest "China Pengfei" Coal Coking Green Circular Industrial Park strives to be the vanguard of the energy revolution.

The meeting ended successfully with the singing of Pengfei Group's song "Step by Step"

Pengfei Group, year-end recognition