I heard there are benefits!! | Inventory of Pengfei's Best Value Benefits for the Year


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Everyone has been there recently.

Sun Wufu Sun Red Envelope

Sun year-end bonus sun welfare

Welfare, welfare

Blessed Figure Festive

Xiao Bian also needs to bask in the sun.

Our Pengfei family

In the Year of the Golden Pig

What are the best value received

Pengfei Welfare ~

Let's take stock

What will Pengfei Group do in 2019?

The most valuable welfare bar ~


Speaking of the most affordable benefits

"Rice noodle oil" seems to be the standard for all enterprises in Daoyi during the holidays ~

At the same time love life Pengfei family

Put bed sheets, laundry detergent, scarves and other household items

Also included in the list of "best value benefits"

>> Spring welfare


Go get the noodles and oil for the Spring Festival welfare!

Fuliman Non-GMO Grade I Soybean Oil

Strong Snow Crystal Wheat Flour


In Pengfei Group

Female workers hold up half the sky

My life is my decision!

Blue Moon

It's worth having without hurting your hand ~

Home is a soft bed

Pengfei do everything possible to give you all

Warm little home

Warm 2020

Four-piece bed set

There are characteristics, value and new ideas

This is the self-requirement of every Pengfei person

Native products for welfare

Let you have more motivation!

People always say that the body is the capital of revolution.

The most important thing in New Year's greetings is good health.

In addition to food, clothing, housing and travel, the health of the Pengfei family

We put❤On

Staff dormitory

Pengfei Group as a Coal Coke Enterprise

Environmental protection equipment excellent plant environment beautiful

Especially this year's staff apartment renovation

Promote standard configuration

Improve employee happiness

Eat well and sleep well. Good health!

Full of benefits

Second Youth Association Basketball Marathon and so on

a healthy body a high morale

Is the youth of the Pengfei family

To the family, the post, the motherland

A sincere commitment

Staff physical examination

Free medical examination once a year

People's Hospital VIP Medical Card

Five insurances and one gold......

The era of high speed development

Pengfei Focused on Efficiency

Pay more attention to the health of workers

Full of Health

New era, new mission, new responsibility

In 2020, Pengfei Group embarked on the rapid development of high-speed rail express.

The pursuit of the perfect Pengfei people

learn as a charge with knowledge to arm the mind

Firmly believe in learning and growing fast

It was Pengfei who gave it to every family member.

Great Benefits in Life

Learn to read the spirit of Pengfei

Every day up to share Pengfei full house red

Establishment of Reading Corner

Let the fragrance of books closer

The heart of every worker.

Pengfei University

Pengfei University Established

On-the-job can improve academic qualifications

Renmin University Tsinghua University class lecture

Looking forward to 2020

Knowledge to change the fate of wisdom achievements in the future!

Skill Contest

Spelling craft than innovation

than learning to catch up with and let a hundred flowers blossom

A talented person wants a platform.

Pengfei, who loves talents, sets up a stage.

Value for money, people make the best use of their talents

This is the happiness of life, full of benefits.

Explosive welfare big release

>> State Guest Hotel

Catering big discount

August 18 Pengfei State Guest Hotel grand opening!

Five-star service standard

Super authentic French meal

More internal staff explosive discount price

At the same time, you can also sign for dinner!

Let you enjoy the president's state guest treatment ~

>>> Yongfuyuan, Wisdom Community

The best value and the best welfare.

Be sure to put it last!

November 2019

Pengfei Group Wisdom Community Yongfuyuan District Grand Opening!

The company twice adjusted the internal discount for Pengfei's family.

In addition, the unique preferential activity of "paying 10,000 yuan to enjoy the whole house furniture, household appliances and decoration building materials"

Can be called ultra-low staff internal purchase price!

It can be called Pengfei Group 2019.

2020 has arrived.

People's vision of a new era

Not only in the material but also to the spiritual realm

Choosing Pengfei is choosing happiness!

Pengfei welfare is to let employees

"Life worry-free future" as the goal

One suite, one family, one sincerity

Only willing to move forward hand in hand

Struggle Pengfei New Heights