Celebrate New Year's Day | Pengfei Group's "Top 500 in New Era Draw Happy Ten Million" New Year's Eve Party Held




The top 500 in the new era draw happiness

A triumphant song to bid farewell to the old year

lofty sentience and ambition to welcome the new year

December 31 at 7 pm

Pengfei Group

"The Top 500 in the New Era Draw Ten Million Happy Hands"

New Year's Eve party held grandly

Pengfei Group Chairman Zheng Peng

Head of each system of the group company

Luliang, Changzhi and Jincheng regions

Leaders and staff of branches, factories and mines

and more than 800 cast members

Get together!

Enjoy this cultural and artistic feast together

Meet the new 2020

Gala kicks off with big dance "Happy Clap"

The industrious and intelligent Pengfei family

At this moment, Gao Ge Pengfei's 26 years of trials and hardships

Praise the beautiful blueprint of the new era

Happiness is as strong as you

Can have a solid shelter


Love in Yongfuyuan

Out of Pengfei Staff

Take your family to Yongfuyuan

Changting Green Forest High-rise Building Hundred Feet

Wisdom warm home in Pengfei settled happiness

Poke Middle-Tears

Love in the Wellhead

Underground these dark faces

Always a towel soaked with sweat

They're as stubborn as a mine.

Inoue pretends to be angry nagging

They are lovely mine sisters-in-law

kind mother

Wellhead recognition kiss call
Touching the hearts of millions of Pengfei people

Shows the warmth of "small family" and the true feelings of Pengfei "everyone"

Pengfei Group 2020

"Top 500 in New Era Draw Happy Ten Million" New Year's Party

It ends in believing.

Because we

Believe in Pengfei, believe in yourself, believe in the future

Believe in the "Hundred Years of Pengfei Dream"

Will bloom in the new era

Believe in the dream of "making all Pengfei people happy for life"

Will bloom in Pengfei wonderful!