Shanxi's First Private Enterprise Science and Technology Association | | Pengfei Group Science and Technology Association Established


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Private enterprises are an important part of China's national economy. Pengfei Group, as a pioneer in the coal coking industry, has made positive contributions to local economic construction and social development. In order to better play the innovative R & D and leading role of scientific and technological work in private enterprises, and promote the sound and rapid development of enterprises, industries and social economy. On December 18, the Pengfei Group Science and Technology Association, the first private enterprise science and technology association in Shanxi, was established and the first member congress officially opened in the national anthem.‍

The meeting read out and voted through the "Pengfei Industrial Group Science and Technology Association Constitution (Draft)", elected and voted through the first 45 members of the Association for Science and Technology Committee.

At the same time, the first session of the whole committee was organized to elect 19 standing committee members, and six comrades Guo Fengguang, Suo Shengfu, Li Zhiliang, Li Qiang, Hao Bin, and Liu Feng were elected as the vice chairmen of the first session of the committee, and Comrade Ma Xiaolong was elected as the first session. Chairman of the National Committee.

Wang Aihua, chairman of Xiaoyi Science and Technology Association, and Ma Xiaolong, chairman of Pengfei Science and Technology Association, jointly unveiled the "Pengfei Industrial Group Science and Technology Association" and announced the formal establishment of Pengfei Science and Technology Association.

Chairman Zheng Peng expressed his warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the leaders who attended the founding meeting of Pengfei Association for Science and Technology. He said that the establishment of the Pengfei Association for Science and Technology has received strong care and support from the leaders of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, the Economic Development Zone Management Committee, and the Municipal Association for Science and Technology. The cohesive and inspiring conference will have a positive and far-reaching impact on all employees of the entire group company to promote technological innovation, promote production and operation, achieve leapfrog development, and write a new chapter in Pengfei.

in his concluding speech, wang enze, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, pointed out:

With the strong support of the Economic Development Zone and the Municipal Association for Science and Technology, the province's first private enterprise Science and Technology Association was formally established in Pengfei Group. This means that a new round of technological innovation and industrial upgrading is gaining momentum in Pengfei Group. The major practice of extending the tentacles of the city's science and technology association to private enterprises is of groundbreaking and milestone significance in the deepening reform of the province's science and technology association system.‍

Wang Enze hopes that the vast number of Pengfei scientists and technicians, based on Pengfei and looking at the whole city, will actively inherit and carry forward the spirit of model workers and craftsmen, undertake the historical mission of supporting enterprises with science and technology to improve quality and efficiency, and promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises in ordinary posts, demonstrate the value of life in serving the city's innovation-driven development and the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, and cast tomorrow's glory with brilliant today, it has made new and greater contributions to accelerating the optimization and upgrading of the city's industrial structure and achieving high-quality green development.