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On December 8, 2019, Pengfei Group appeared in the Shanxi News Network special column "will be the transformation of the comprehensive improvement line to the end". Pengfei Group's annual output of 100000 tons of synthetic ammonia project as a typical project, the original coke oven gas in the process of producing methanol generated by the gas waste here, into an important chemical product, to achieve reasonable and efficient comprehensive utilization of resources, completely solve the pollution problem caused by the production emissions of enterprises, become Luliang City continuous innovation mechanism, create a better environment, let enterprises devote themselves to the vivid practice of transformation and comprehensive reform and high-quality transformation and development.

lu liangtai reporter chen ran:

This is Luliang. I am now in the production plant of Xiaoyi Pengfei Group with an annual output of 100000 tons of synthetic ammonia. Through technological innovation and process innovation, the original coke oven gas generated in the process of producing methanol is turned into waste here. It is a treasure and converted into an important chemical product. While realizing the reasonable and efficient comprehensive utilization of resources, it also completely solves the pollution problem caused by enterprise production emissions.‍

Pengfei Group Deputy General Manager Production General Manager Wang Binjan:

After the newly added synthetic ammonia project was put into production, 0.12 billion cubic meters of exhaust gas has been comprehensively utilized. While extending the industrial chain, the exhaust gas emissions have been fundamentally digested.

From the waste gas in the coking process, to the methanol co-production of LNG, synthetic wax, and then to synthetic ammonia, the full recycling of coal coke resources is realized. Pengfei Group has built the world's leading coal coking green recycling industry system in recent years, thanks to the province's great efforts to create the "six most" business environment and inject power into the development of enterprises.‍

Pengfei Group ammonia needle coke project commander-in-chief Suo Shengfu:

During the construction of the project, it received nanny services from all levels of government departments from all aspects of land and funds. The project was put into production in advance in only one year.

xiaoyi city administrative examination and approval bureau director liu derong:

We regard deepening the reform of "decentralization, management and service" as an important starting point for accelerating the transformation of government functions and promoting high-quality development, promoting "Internet government services", implementing the "one-window acceptance, one-post completion" mechanism, and comprehensively improving government service capabilities.‍

Xiaoyi City has continuously optimized policy support, and the development zone has undertaken 68 administrative functions and powers delegated by the Luliang Municipal Government and the Xiaoyi Municipal Government, speeding up the implementation of the project and optimizing the development environment. So far, 39 pilot projects have comprehensively launched the reform of the enterprise investment commitment system, reducing 120 pre-approval items to 28, and reducing the start-up time of enterprises to 3 days, thus comprehensively improving the ability of government services.