Yao Ming awarded Pengfei Group the honorary title of "Yao Fund 2019 Love Partner"



On December 2, the "National Youth Sports Development Seminar and 2019 Yao Foundation Thanksgiving Meeting" held a Thanksgiving dinner in Beijing. Yao Ming, chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association and vice chairman of the Yao Fund, shook hands with Wu Yi, chairman of Pengfei Group Mayu Company. Pengfei Group won the honorary title of "Yao Fund 2019 Love Partner.

It is understood that on January 7 this year, Chairman Zheng Peng signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Yao Fund on behalf of Pengfei Group, contributing 5 million yuan to donate Pengfei Basketball Park in Qinyuan County.

It has created a place with superior conditions for sports and basketball enthusiasts in the county, and added a new landmark of sports square for Qinyuan.

After the award ceremony, Ye Dawei, Secretary-General of the Yao Foundation, expressed his heartfelt thanks to the partners headed by Pengfei Group for their support, saying that the Yao Foundation will actively innovate, continuously upgrade the public welfare project model, explore new paths, and effectively improve and enhance the majority of rural sports. The status quo of education. Through sports to cultivate more confident and healthy builders and successors for the country, let sports achieve the future of the motherland.