Shanghai People's Federation of Colleagues Visited Pengfei Group, President of Luliang People's Federation



Coinciding with the first anniversary of the establishment of the Luliang Private Entrepreneurs Association, on November 27, Hu Daiping, honorary president of the Shanghai Luliang Chamber of Commerce, led a delegation of colleagues from the Shanghai Private Entrepreneurs Association to Luliang Private Entrepreneurs Association The chairman unit-Pengfei Group visited and inspected. Yuan Junsheng, deputy director of Luliang Municipal Bureau of small and medium-sized Enterprises, accompanied by Li Yang, deputy general manager and general manager of supply and marketing of Pengfei Group.

Hu Daiping and his party entered Pengfei multimedia exhibition hall to listen to the explanation of Pengfei's development process and feel the great role Pengfei culture plays in the development of enterprises.

Yang Li introduced to the visiting guests the current industrial scale of Pengfei Group, the operation and implementation of key and bright projects, especially Pengfei's powerful measures in recent years to explore the way for the comprehensive reform of the energy revolution and take information construction and intelligent factories as the starting point to move firmly towards green development and high-quality development.

Yuan Junsheng highly affirmed Pengfei Group's contribution to the transformation and development of the coal coke industry in Luliang City and the whole province, as well as the important role played by President Zheng Peng in uniting the city's private entrepreneurs to strengthen their confidence in development and seek innovation and transformation. He hoped that the private entrepreneurs associations of the two places would closely contact each other and create a new situation of coordinated development of private enterprises in the two places.

Yuan Junsheng, Hu Daiping and his party also watched the promotional film of the group company and stopped in front of the photo display wall to review the wonderful moments of the establishment of the Luliang Private Entrepreneurs Association in Pengfei in 2018..