Re-create a new Pengfei | | Pengfei Group successfully signed a strategic cooperation with Jinji Coal Coke



On November 25, Pengfei Group and Shanxi Jindi Coal Coke held a strategic cooperation signing and coking project resumption ceremony in Wenshui County Economic Development Zone. Wenshui County Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Acting County Mayor Wang Feng, County Party Committee Deputy Secretary Liu Dapeng, County CPPCC Chairman Yan Qiming, County Party Committee Member and Deputy County Mayor Fan Fabin, Deputy County Mayor Zhao Zhichang, Pengfei Group Chairman Zheng Peng, Jindi Coal Coke Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhang Li, Vice Chairman Hu Jinhui attended and took his place on the rostrum.

Hu Jinhui said in his speech that the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between Pengfei and Gemland and the resumption of the coking project, coordinated by the Wenshui County Party Committee and County Government, is a milestone and turning point in the history of Gemland's development, a new starting point for Pengfei to take off again, and a major measure and new bright spot for Wenshui to improve the business environment and promote regional economic development. The implementation of the project will form a circular economy pattern of energy saving and consumption reduction, comprehensive utilization, complementary advantages and serial production, realize the sharing of natural resources, human resources, technical resources and market resources, and make new contributions to the new take-off of Wenshui economy.

Chairman Zheng Peng first expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all leaders and guests on behalf of Luliang Private Entrepreneurs Association, Luliang Coking Industry Association and Pengfei Group for witnessing the integration and development of various systems and writing a new journey of sincere cooperation, symbiosis and win-win results. At the same time, he introduced Pengfei's development process, scale status, development concept, and industrial layout inside and outside the province, and shared Pengfei's various honors of the country, provinces and cities, and the joy of marching into China's top 500 private enterprises.

It is believed that today's project promotion is the result of the Wenshui County Party Committee and County Government's doing real things, doing practical things, and doing great things. It is a true portrayal of the "learning to use new ideas and building a new era" under the theme education of the county party committee and county government of "not forgetting the original heart and keeping in mind the mission". It fully shows that the Wenshui County Party Committee and County Government responded to the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee, improved the socialist market, the determination to build a new system of higher level and open economy.

Pengfei will be positioned and constructed in accordance with first-class standards. It will be put into production in strict accordance with the high standards and high quality of the time node. It will definitely work with one heart and one mind, one heart and one heart, so that the cooperation will bear fruit as soon as possible and make due contributions to the beautiful and prosperous Wenshui.

Wang Feng said in his speech that the strategic cooperation between Pengfei and Jindi is a major event and a happy event in Wenshui's economic and social development. It is a solid development of Wenshui County Party committee and county government to carry out Do not forget your initiative mind, keep in mind the mission theme education, and do a good job in the three services. It is a major breakthrough for Wenshui to speed up the pace of development, strengthen the work of attracting investment and promote the construction of transformation projects, it is an important support for Wenshui to implement the spirit of the provincial industrial high-quality development conference and build a new industrial development zone. It will inject new strong impetus into Wenshui's economic and social development, accelerate the pace of Wenshui Economic Development Zone to build a high-end coking industrial park, become another benchmark for the development of Wenshui new industry, boost Wenshui new industry onto the track of high-quality development, and drive the county economy to achieve double growth and leapfrog development.

Wang Feng said that it is our unshirkable responsibility to serve the development of enterprises. The county party committee and county government will always adhere to the concept of "openness, magnousness, integrity and righteousness, and pro-business security" to further build a new type of political-business relationship and provide the best policy for the development of enterprises. The best environment and the best service ensure that the contracted projects start construction as soon as possible and put into production as possible. At the same time, it is required that all departments at all levels in Wenshui County, especially the Management Committee of the Economic Development Zone, should improve their political position, establish a sense of the overall situation, take the initiative to perform their duties and responsibilities, do a good job in all aspects of service and security work, solve practical difficulties for enterprises as far as they can, eliminate all kinds of obstacles encountered in the legal operation of enterprises, and resolutely ensure the healthy development of enterprises.

Subsequently, Fan Fabin, Zheng Peng and Zhang Li signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and the ceremony was successfully concluded in a warm atmosphere. This marked the official start of the coking project, the official entry of Pengfei into Wenshui County Economic Development Zone, and the opening of a new era of high-quality development of Wenshui's new type of green coking.