Leaders of Jiexiu Depot Visit Pengfei for Investigation



On November 18, Yan Delong, head of Jiexiu Depot, Wu Qijun, secretary of the Party Committee, and the head of the marketing center visited Pengfei for investigation. Pengfei Party General Branch Secretary, Chairman Zheng Peng reception.

Yan Delong and his party visited Pengfei 5 million-ton coking production base, methanol co-production LNG synthetic ammonia production base, Pengfei shipping station and other places. In the methanol centralized control center, Chairman Zheng Peng introduced in detail the whole industrial chain system of Pengfei raw coal, coal washing, coke and chemical industry for the visiting guests. Pengfei's clean energy supply system from traditional industries to emerging industries, low-end products to high-end products, black energy to green energy, and the development status of diversified and multi-format industries such as hotels and real estate.

Later, the research team took a bus to Pengfei headquarters to watch the company's promotional film, gain an in-depth understanding of Pengfei culture, Pengfei history and Pengfei industry, watch the Pengfei party building promotional film, and fully understand the leading and exemplary role played by non-public party building in Pengfei's rapid development. The research team also visited Pengfei's various party building positions and highly appreciated Pengfei's in-depth integration of corporate culture, corporate management and party building work to promote enterprise development. He said that Pengfei, as a non-public enterprise, uses the virtual to introduce the real, the virtual and the real, and the party building work is really learning, really grasping, and really doing. It has realized that grasping the party building is grasping the thought, and grasping the thought is a new mode of promoting production.

The two sides will also exchange views on business cooperation, timeliness and accuracy of information communication after the introduction of the national railway transfer policy.