Lvliang Jiao Association Symposium on Promoting High-quality Industrial Development Held in Pengfei



On November 3, the Symposium on Promoting High Quality Development of Lvliang Coking Industry Association was held at the headquarters of Pengfei Group. Lvliang City Coking Industry Association, Pengfei Group Chairman Zheng Peng attended and delivered a speech. Li Yang, secretary general of Luliang Coking Industry Association, deputy general manager of Pengfei Group and general manager of supply and marketing, presided over the meeting. Representatives of the member enterprises of the Association participated.

At the meeting, Li Yang first conveyed the spirit of the meeting to promote high-quality industrial development in the province, the spirit of the important speeches of Luo Huining, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, and Governor Lou Yangsheng, and clarified the strategic position of high-quality industrial development in the province's economic transformation and development.

Representatives of member enterprises respectively elaborated on their respective enterprises' industrial production capacity, project construction, extension of the industrial chain, etc., and put forward relevant opinions and suggestions on such issues as differentiated consideration of capacity reduction plans, differentiated treatment of advanced capacity staggered production, and consideration of the interests of small enterprises' capacity retention.

zheng peng once again gave a detailed account of the background for convening this symposium. It is pointed out that the convening of this symposium must first study, understand, and implement the spirit of the important speeches of the provincial party committee secretary Luo Huining and the governor Lou Yangsheng at the mobilization meeting for promoting high-quality industrial development in the province, and convey the organization of Luliang City The spirit of the meeting at the city-wide mobilization meeting for promoting high-quality industrial development held by the Luliang City Coking Industry Association to clarify the future development direction of Luliang coking enterprises, understand the problems that need government support to help solve in the operation of existing enterprises, and commend a group of outstanding enterprises with high-quality development.

It was noted that the questions raised by the participants did not address the core issues. After the production capacity of Luliang City is removed, there is still nearly 9 million tons of space with the existing output of 27 million tons. The municipal party committee and municipal government will consider the recovered rich production capacity as a whole and make overall arrangements. It is hoped that all member enterprises will not be too panicked and nervous on the issue of production capacity, but should seize the time to do their own thing and rush forward on the projects under construction. At the same time, we should make great efforts and do more in green coking, digitization, networking, intelligent guidance and migration. We should look at Shanxi from the height of the whole country and Luliang from the height of Shanxi. Through chain extension, chain supplement and strong chain, we should reallocate the resources within and between enterprises, so as to achieve complementary advantages and disadvantages and win-win results.

Zheng Peng believes that high-quality development must be revolutionary. Shanxi is positioned as an energy revolution, which is to change all the traditional methods and methods in the past. Member companies must fully understand the impact of high-quality development on coking. In the near future, the association will evaluate the coking enterprises in Xiaoyi, Fenyang, Jiaocheng, Liqui and other places, explore a new path more suitable for the development of Luliang coking enterprises, and actively communicate with the Luliang municipal party committee and municipal government on the opinions and suggestions put forward by member enterprises, the problems that need to be coordinated and solved, and the unmentioned situation of public transfer and financial financing, so as to strive for more preferential policy support. At the same time, it said that the association will spare no effort to play a good role as a bridge with the government and serve all member enterprises as always.