Experts from Shandong High-end Science and Technology Engineering Research Institute visited Pengfei for investigation


Publicity Section of General Department



On October 24, Professor Wang Wenge of Shandong Institute of High-end Science and Technology Engineering led a team to visit Pengfei.

After bypassing the methanol plant, Wang Wenge and his party learned in detail about the scale and current situation of Pengfei's closed and full-cycle coal chemical industry chain in the central control room, as well as Pengfei's strategic plan to build a clean energy supply system and a modern industrial system in an all-round way.

Wang Binjan, deputy general manager and general manager of production of the group company, explained Pengfei's optimization and utilization of coal resources, transforming and upgrading the traditional coal coking industry with low value and high energy consumption into cutting-edge technology, green and efficient new products through first-class equipment, first-class technology and first-class environmental protection, realizing Pengfei's clean, green and environmental protection development.

Wang Wenge expressed his appreciation for Pengfei's courage to break the tradition and take the lead in industrial innovation. He highly affirmed Pengfei's various measures to be the vanguard of Shanxi's energy revolution, and conducted in-depth discussions with Wang Binjan on hydrogen power and hydrogen processing technology.

He said that he has been committed to the research in the field of hydrogen energy and wants to open up new research directions in the near future. The purpose of this visit is to understand Pengfei's hydrogenation project, study the application field of hydrogen in enterprises, accurately find the entry point and focus of the test, and lay the foundation for the research results to be put into the market.

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