Pengfei Group Joins Lvliang Central Blood Station to Launch Voluntary Blood Donation Activities


Publicity Section of General Department



On October 21, Luliang central blood station came to Pengfei Group headquarters to jointly launch a voluntary blood donation activity. Early in the morning, the blood donation car parked in the square in front of the headquarters building of Pengfei Group. Pengfei employees from the headquarters building, the State Guest Hotel and various production plants in Xiaoyi area spontaneously came here to donate blood free of charge.

As an activist for joining the Party, I have been constantly encouraged to take on more important responsibilities, not only in the daily work of the company, but also in social activities. This is also part of the responsibility that Pengfei should bear. The course of the company over the years has also infected me with my active participation in these activities, which is a sense of honor not only for me but also for the company. Zhang Yichuan, buyer of equipment purchasing department, said

This is the third time to donate blood. Free blood donation is also the protection of life. As we said, "A beautiful life starts with rolling up your sleeves," said Zhang Huaping, the floor foreman of Pengfei State Guest Hotel

The first time the group organized blood donation came, this is the second time, the feeling is to offer love, stretch out our hand, bring life to countless people.

The blood donation vehicle is full of red blood, carrying the warm hope and wishes of Pengfei people. This is the second time that the central blood station in Luliang City has carried out voluntary blood donation activities in Pengfei.

Now that the blood bank is tight and the blood donation is off-season, Li Jun, deputy director of the Information Section of the Blood Station in Luliang City Center, said frankly that this event has received strong support from Pengfei Group and the majority of employees, which is really a timely help.

Today, the Luliang Center blood donation vehicle came to Xiaoyi Pengfei Group, which is the second time since last year to carry out blood donation activities. Winter is usually the off-season for blood donation. We Pengfei people actively participate in blood donation activities to ensure the clinical use of blood in the city. Participating in this activity this year is also a gift for the 70th birthday of the motherland, and will continue to launch free blood donation activities in the future.

I also call on more social organizations and institutions to actively join the ranks of unpaid blood donation and contribute to the city's unpaid blood donation cause.

Roll up your sleeves and dry up. The active development of this unpaid blood donation activity is only a microcosm of Pengfei Group's active contribution to society.

This year, Pengfei has successively won the honorary titles of "2019 Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises", "Top 100 Shanxi Private Enterprises", and "Shanxi Excellent Enterprise". In the new era, new honors, and new responsibilities, it must not only be a pioneer in the same industry and Shanxi's economy The role model of transformation and development is Pengfei Group's firm mission and original intention to take the initiative to assume social responsibility and actively contribute to the happiness of the people.