Li Diansheng, Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, Investigates Pengfei Group




On October 15, Li Diansheng, director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, and his party came to conduct research at Pengfei's methanol-LNG production base. Also traveling with him are Lin Fenghua, chairman of Shandong Bohai Piston Group, and relevant responsible comrades of Xiaoyi Economic Development Zone.

Wang Binjan, deputy general manager and general manager of production of Pengfei Group, received him and explained to Li Diansheng and his party in the central control room the scale and current situation of Pengfei Group's closed full-cycle coal chemical industry chain, as well as Pengfei's strategic planning for building a clean energy supply system and a modern industrial system in an all-round way.

shandong bohai piston group is the domestic comprehensive production of various cars, ships, engineering and other power machinery engine piston specialized enterprises.

Lin Fenghua is very concerned about the price trend of methanol after entering the heating season, as well as the economy and applicability of methanol fuel vehicles in the region compared with the same period last year. Wang Binjan explained the law of price linkage and mutual influence between the oil market and the methanol market, and explained the advantages of Pengfei coal chemical industry chain in-depth extension compared with petrochemical industry.

Li Diansheng introduced to Lin Fenghua Pengfei Group's leading role in the province's energy revolution and industrial transformation relying on its advantages in technology, talents and scale, as well as Pengfei's equipment and demand for high-end machinery and equipment, which laid the foundation for further dialogue between the two sides in the future.