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The leading high-end intelligent community and intelligent residence in Xiaoyi City is located in Yongfuyuan. Spacious building distance, high standard of building materials configuration, perfect function supporting design, humanized design concept.

Yongfuyuan is a warm, comfortable, healthy and happy intelligent community for Pengfei people,All buildings in the Yongfuyuan community are frame shear wall structures, which are the largest residential buildings in the country so far.The highest seismic coefficientStructure. External walls are made of external stone, corridor ceilings are all aluminum gusset ceilings, elevators are made of Boston brand, and public areas are decorated.  Standard leading Xiaoyi real estate market, for safety and order considerationsThe community adopts the design of the diversion of people and vehicles,All vehicles enter the underground garage,Don't worry about the safety of children playing alone in the community.  In terms of peripheral security, face recognition infrared 24-hour monitoring and community entrance guard intercom are adopted. 46% of the super-large European greening and the central part of the community, artificial lake, scenic fountain, children's paradise, pavilion bench and cobblestone path can be described as five steps, one scene, ten steps and one painting.

So, we are most concerned about the layout of the apartment how--






△ A house type △,Unit A is 120.17 ㎡, characterized by a sunrise in the living room and master bedroom, with a modern open kitchen. The size of the kitchen can be adjusted arbitrarily through later decoration, and a variety of design styles can be made in the open and integrated living room kitchen. It is worth mentioning that it is a full-bright apartment with lighting windows in each room.






△ B apartment type △,Unit B is 124.89 ㎡, and this unit is also called the viewing room, because it is close to the artificial lake and the scenic fountain. It has a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery of the residential area. The living room, double bedroom and dining room are designed in a comfortable and atmospheric way.






△ C apartment type △,Unit C is 114.63 ㎡, which is currently the most sought-after star unit. Of course, the size of the square meters determines that it belongs to a compact small three-bedroom apartment. The living room faces east and the double bedroom faces the sun. In addition to the traditional north-south lighting, the super-large lighting surface of the east living room is unique among all units and is the only three-sided lighting unit.






△ D apartment type △,The D apartment is 141.99 ㎡, and the biggest feature of this comfortable three-bedroom apartment is that it adopts a dynamic and static separation design, and the rest area and the activity area do not interfere with each other. In addition, spacious styles such as double balconies, double bathrooms, and independent restaurants can meet the beautiful needs of three generations of people living together.






△ E apartment type △,The E-type is 108.06 square meters. Such a two-bedroom is suitable for a young family of three. The design of two rooms, two halls, two bathrooms and an independent restaurant is in line with the aesthetics and pursuit of most young families.According to Yan Bin, consultant of Yongfuyuan Marketing Center--At present, the housing supply in the urban area of Xiaoyi City is in short supply. The real estate of a pavilion is sold in a garage bundled type, and it is pure rough housing supply. The better floor price has reached6400-6500 yuan,a certain bi real estate is geographically remote,Most of the complimentary decorations are hard-fitting,The average price has also reached more than 6000 yuan,The average price of a real estate in the city center has exceeded 6600 yuan.






To sum up, Yongfuyuan District has an excellent geographical location,It is Zhonghe Road Primary School and No.13 Middle School (Xiaoyi No.9 Middle School)School district housing, which has a high price/performance ratio among competitor properties in the same period,In particular, the Group has twice issued guidance prices and discounts for employees to buy houses,And "pay 10,000 to enjoy the whole house furniture appliances and decoration building materials" unique preferential activities,Especially Pengfei people with more than ten years of service are blessed.The ultra-low discount price makes many people envy you!

according to our understanding,Recently, through telephone, WeChat and on-site experience, I consulted at Yongfuyuan Sales Center.The number of people has exceeded1000 people,Pengfei staff consultation more200people,Heart is better than action!The internal group purchase registration time has passed half.

In addition to paying attention to Pengfei Public Number,A better choice is to come with your family and see the house directly from the sales department!Experience the superior environment of Yongfuyuan district on site and experience the variety of room types!

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