Pengfei Top 500 List I Strive for Glory for Pengfei!





Pengfei Group ranked 429 and 251 in the 2019 China Top 500 Private Enterprises and the 2019 China Top 500 Private Enterprises Manufacturing Industry List!

26 years of thorns, 26 years of trials and hardships. Looking back, how brilliant achievements! Looking to the future, the journey is more magnificent!

At this iconic historical moment, the majority of Pengfei cadres and employees have expressed their feelings and confided their hearts--

Gao Jisheng, rotating general manager and assistant general manager of Pengfei Group: I have the honor to represent Pengfei Group to participate in the 2019 China Private Top 500 Summit, and I am very excited! This means that our Pengfei Group is not only among the best in the province and industry, but also has made its own day in the national enterprises, especially in the manufacturing industry.

Li Qingbing, deputy chief engineer of the synthetic ammonia and needle coke project department: Pengfei has rushed out of Shanxi and has become one of the well-known enterprises in the country. As a member of Pengfei, I will take innovation as the top priority of the work in the second half of the year, and continue to insist on innovation for indicators and management for performance!

Lei Xiaolu, deputy director of the purification workshop of the methanol plant: As an employee of the top 500 private companies, I feel very lucky. This is the result of the correct leadership of Chairman Zheng Peng and the joint efforts of all Pengfei's family!

Hao Pengfei, Manager of the Information and Customer Service Center: I have been working in Pengfei for 11 years, and I have seen that the company's development can maintain a growth rate of about 100 every year. It is expected to achieve such results so far. In the enterprise management, information work is very important. In the future, our department should improve its ability to study and judge market information and help Pengfei sail to the other side of glory.

Liu Dong, Minister of Planning Management: I am very lucky to be able to join such a big platform at the beginning of entering the workplace. All members of our department will give full play to their own advantages to make the high-quality development of the group company more stable and smooth.

Hu seal, head of the water vapor section of the chemical production workshop of Xinyu coking plant: employees of the top 500 enterprises should constantly learn professional and technical skills, strive to improve their business level, innovate boldly, try boldly, and demand themselves and teams with higher standards.

Zhang penghui, head of the gas pressurization station in the chemical production workshop of xinyu coking plant: resolutely do a good job in the "two defends", safeguard safety and environmental protection, constantly explore and innovate, and make new achievements when pengfei becomes a top 500 private enterprise in China!

Under the aura of the top 500, the mission in front of all Pengfei people is more glorious, the task is more arduous, the challenge is more severe, and the work is greater! At this time, we should have the courage to overcome all kinds of difficulties, obstacles, risks and challenges with an indomitable spirit and an indomitable attitude of struggle, and constantly move from victory to new victory!

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