Based on Shanxi Radiation National Pengfei Group Shanxi Branch Opened in Taiyuan


Grasp the functional orientation of Taiyuan as the strategic radiation circle of the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, advance into the first-class at the right time, open up new territory, Pengfei Group seized the historical opportunity, prepared to set up a Shanxi branch, and successfully held the opening ceremony on the morning of May 13.

Chairman Zheng Peng attended and delivered a speech. Gao Jisheng, the rotating general manager and assistant general manager of the group company, presided over the opening ceremony. Yang Li and Wang Zili, deputy general managers, attended the opening ceremony. Liu Xiaohong, manager of Pengfei Group Shanxi Branch, and Qiao Xiaoqin, minister of finance and capital department, attended the opening ceremony.

Ren Hairong, President of Xiaoyi Agricultural Commercial Bank, and Zhao Yongfeng, Director of the Company Department, attended the opening ceremony.

Pengfei Group Shanxi Branch is located on the 13th floor of Dingchen Times Square, Jinyang Street, Taiyuan City. It is a solid step taken by Pengfei Group to realize the strategic layout of facing the Taiyuan economic circle and radiating the whole Shanxi. It is also another important step in the development history of the group company. milestone.

The opening ceremony was carried out in the lively and festive performance of gongs and drums, and the sonorous music created a good atmosphere for the scene.

Chairman Zheng Peng delivered a speech and pointed out that the opening of the new office location marked that Pengfei Group has officially taken another new starting point on the grand blueprint of basing itself in Shanxi and radiating the whole country. In the future, Pengfei Group Shanxi Branch will undertake all the main businesses of the group company in coal, coke, chemical, electricity, logistics and transportation, five-star hotels and other industrial systems. At the same time, I hope that all employees of Pengfei Group Shanxi Branch will make persistent efforts to further develop Pengfei and do greater things!

Ren Hairong said at the opening ceremony that the city rural commercial bank has always been a long-term cooperative customer of Pengfei group. With the opening of Shanxi Branch of Pengfei group, the business of Xiaoyi rural commercial bank has also come to the provincial capital. In the next step, the two sides will carry out deeper cooperation to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

Finally, all the leaders attending the meeting joined hands to cut the ribbon for the opening and jointly witnessed the birth of Pengfei's new member, Shanxi Branch.

Before the opening ceremony, the participants also visited the Shanxi branch of Pengfei Group.