Qinyuan Fire Ruthless Pengfei Family Feelings


The forest fire that lasted for a week in Qinyuan County was finally extinguished with the joint efforts of all parties. Let us first pay tribute to every fire-fighting hero and those fire fighters who knew that there was a fire in the mountain and preferred the volcano.

On another battlefield outside the fire, thousands of local cadres, masses, and enterprise employees are also fighting a battle. The joint force formed from top to bottom has provided everything possible to win the battle. Guarantee. The people of Taiyue old area of Taihang provided material guarantee and spiritual support for the rescue with their selfless love, showing the "Taihang spirit" of the new era ".

The rescue process fully embodies the "fire without love and affection". At that time, the wife of Wang Dong, director of Changxin coal mine safety command center of Pengfei group, was in labor. However, after receiving the disaster relief order, Wang Dong resolutely gave up the company of his family, let go of the responsibilities of a father and husband, and took up the responsibilities and missions of a Pengfei and a Communist Party member, Leading Changxin coal mine firefighters to fight and organize rescue. It was not until 19: 00 on April 5 that the mountain fire went out that he rushed home to visit his wife and children after giving birth. In this mission, he practiced the loyal and noble character of Pengfei people with practical actions, and interpreted the fine tradition of Pengfei Group's "dedicated organization.

The same touching thing also happened in Shuguang Coal Mine under the Pengfei Group. In order to prevent the resurgence of the dead, Shuguang Coal Mine recently received an order to continue the mountain investigation. However, the previous week's fire fighting and investigation operations have exhausted the miners. In order to cheer everyone up, Shi Guopeng, wife of Ventilation Kowa Inspector Cheng Fei, offered free lunch to the miners. As long as the miners who went to the mountain investigation came to her small restaurant for dinner, they were all free, and sometimes the food was sent to the mountain. On the morning of April 6, Shi Guopeng gathered relatives and friends to make a love meal, steaming steamed buns and cooking stewed dishes. He was very busy. At noon, all the love meals were delivered to the miners on duty. Eating the hot food, the miners also felt different feelings in their hearts, the sense of exhaustion was swept away, and they continued to devote themselves to the post-disaster investigation work.

Every disaster is the tempering of the national will, and every disaster is the tempering of the national spirit. This fire fighting operation makes us more determined, stronger, more confident and more self-reliant! Let Pengfei people be more united and resolute!