At the scene of the car accident, he extended a helping hand and did not leave a name.




At the scene of the car accident, a pair of old people fell to the ground with serious injuries, and the vehicle involved drove away. The surrounding car owners turned a blind eye. In the face of such a situation, only he extended a helping hand. Xin Yanwei, 27, witnessed all this with his own eyes and took the most effective measures in the shortest possible time.

After Xin Yanwei's calm treatment, the vehicle involved was forced to stop within five minutes, and the traffic police immediately arrived at the scene to investigate. At this time, Xin Yanwei chose to leave silently, and the incident did not spread until the police at the place where the accident occurred asked to cooperate with the on-site investigation. In the face of reporters' questions, Xin Yanwei said it was out of the instinct of party members.

Accident witness Xin Yanwei: A motorcycle had a rear-end collision with the semi-trailer in front. At that time, I checked the injury of the motorcycle owner for the first time and called 110 and the rescue number. Second, I immediately drove after the semi-trailer in front and forced it to stop. At that time, there were two considerations. The first was that the motorcycle was seriously injured, and the accident car could bear part of the responsibility. The second was that he might cause the crime of accident escape after he left without the knowledge of the semi-trailer driver. So I chased him up and forced him to stop, and I didn't have many other ideas.

When the reporter first met him, Xin Yanwei was inspecting in the workshop. As the youngest team leader among the seven innovation teams in 2019 of Xinyu Coking Plant under Pengfei Group, Xin Yanwei felt a great responsibility. At the same time, he also took the initiative to grasp the technical training and party affairs work in the factory, actively participated in various literary and artistic activities of Pengfei Group, and silently carried out the original intention and mission of a party member and a Pengfei employee in an ordinary post.