Leaders of Shandong Haoyu Group Visited Pengfei Group to Visit and Investigate and Hold Symposium



On January 17, Wu Yuliang, chairman and general manager of Shandong Haoyu Group, Zhang Yunyuan, chairman of Hengye Group, and a group of 15 people visited Pengfei Group for research and held a symposium in the conference room of the Golden Hall of the Central Lobby. Group Chairman Zheng Peng attended and delivered a speech. Li Yang, general manager of supply and marketing, presided over, Zheng Tiancheng, assistant general manager of supply and marketing, and Liang Dongyuan, deputy general manager of sales and director of coke sales department, attended the discussion.

At the meeting, the two sides discussed the production mode, equipment production capacity, local policies, geographical resource advantages, future development direction and so on. Wu Yuliang, chairman and general manager of Shandong Haoyu Group, said that this visit to Pengfei is not only to learn from each other, but also to open up development ideas. The advantages and disadvantages of different regions are also different. In terms of national policies and enterprise management, Shanxi is stricter and more refined than Shandong as a whole. Praised, Pengfei green cycle development concept is shocking and admirable.

Chairman Zheng Peng lamented that under the influence of various factors, Shanxi once confirmed the old saying that "whoever has resources lags behind", relying on the development of underground resources of the older generation, but facing the country's strict policy on Shanxi coking industry. However, Pengfei can still stick to the road of coking when the whole province is calling for transformation. The biggest driving force is its confidence in its own cultural management, innovation management, and future development management of the industry. It is the ability to learn from each other in the development process., Absolute confidence in open thinking.

Chairman Zheng Peng said that the old coke is no different from the current coke. The biggest difference lies in its production process, from manual to automation to today's refinement. The same is true for the development of the coking industry. Now Pengfei has established a basically complete chain of circular industry development. How to improve the comprehensive and in-depth management of coal coking? How to build a hundred billion-level industrial plate? It is to be refined, detailed and accurate, and make full use of modern scientific and technological means to innovate, expand and strengthen the mode of operation and management.

When mentioning Pengfei's "coke-assisted and chemical-based" later development momentum, Chairman Zheng Peng once again sighed that from the perspective of the future development of the industry, Shanxi has a unique resource advantage, but in the later development of deep processing, Shanxi's most lacking chemical talents are Shandong's biggest advantage. He said that the ultimate goal of this meeting is to learn from each other and learn from each other. It is not only the exchange between enterprises, but also the collision between Shanxi and Shandong. Although Shandong's coking development level is slightly better at this stage, Pengfei, as the leader and vanguard of Shanxi's coking industry, will catch up with its peers and lead the first-class with absolute confidence.

Before the meeting, the research team, led by Yang Li, general manager of supply and marketing, visited Xinyu Coking Plant, Pengfei 5 million-ton Coking Production Base, a subsidiary of Pengfei Group, and a national green factory-methanol co-production LNG production base. They also watched the promotional film of Pengfei Group in the multimedia exhibition hall of the company's headquarters. Yang Li introduced Pengfei's clean, green, environmentally friendly and efficient coal coking full-cycle industrial chain in detail, and explained in detail the country's first 6.25-meter three-stage heated coking coke oven, SCP car using advanced German technology, and the synthetic ammonia project currently under construction.