China County Economic News Station Reporters Come to Pengfei Group to Visit and Investigate



On January 6, Xi Zhaoping, head of Shanxi reporter station of China county economic daily of economic daily group, led a group of ten reporters from China county economic daily in Fujian, Jiangsu, Anhui, Guangxi, Hebei and Shanxi to visit Pengfei group. Zhang Zaiqiang, member of the Standing Committee of Xiaoyi municipal Party committee and Minister of publicity department, accompanied the investigation, Wang Qi, deputy general manager, chief engineer, director of chief engineering office and chief commander of coking project, and Lu Xiaofang Department.

The research team and his party visited the multimedia exhibition hall and watched the promotional film of the group company. They were deeply interested in Pengfei Group's "eating dry and squeezing out" and the closed full-cycle industrial chain of upper and lower co-production.

At the forum, Zhang Zaiqiang, member of the standing Committee of the Xiaoyi Municipal CPC Committee and head of the propaganda Department, introduced the landform, humanities, education, economy, and honor of Xiaoyi City, and introduced Pengfei Group, as an industry demonstration enterprise in Xiaoyi City, in realizing the great contribution made by Xiaoyi coal coking industry to become bigger and stronger, promote the extension and refinement of the industrial chain, and realize the development process of "eating dry and squeezing.

Wang Qi introduced in detail Pengfei's clean, green, environmentally friendly, efficient coal coking, upper and lower co-production closed full-cycle industrial chain, Pengfei's domestic leading and world-advanced equipment SCP car, the innovative development of resource utilization, namely the coke oven gas processing technology of the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology's green development model, the domestic first carbon source supplementary synthesis gas process, and the coal tar primary processing technology suspension bed hydrogenation project with the fine development of the park as a high starting point. It is said that the group company has put forward new requirements for talent development under the high-speed development, and has achieved alliances with major prestigious universities, academies of sciences, and academician workstations, introduced industry leaders to join Pengfei, and invited Renmin University professors to give lectures.

In the following question session, reporters raised a series of issues such as LNG gas supply and livelihood protection of the group company, how to achieve vigorous development based on the local market under the guidance of "the belt and road initiative", which technical cores stand out in many coking industries across the country, and how enterprises should deal with the country's strict environmental protection standards.

In response to the reporter's question, Wang Qi answered in detail that the Group Company, as the largest LNG storage and supply point in Shanxi, made every effort to complete the political task of ensuring people's livelihood. He told the story of Chairman Zheng Peng's visit to Europe with Luo Huining, Secretary of Shanxi Provincial Party Committee, in September 2018 to publicize the development advantages of Shanxi and Pengfei. On November 25, 2018, he held a grand meeting of the "the belt and road initiative" coal coke chemical industry green development seminar; this paper interprets Pengfei's two-way integration system of making full use of the "Internet" to realize the automation of production equipment and the informatization of management system. This paper introduces the environmental protection projects that the company has made great efforts to build in 2018, which shows Pengfei Group's determination to win the battle to defend the blue sky.

It is said that the refinement of chemical production, the advantage of resources, the scale of the industry and the recycling of the industry have become the trend of the green development of coal coke chemical industry in the new era. In the process of promoting the green development of Luliang coal coke chemical industry, Pengfei is confident and has the potential to lead the new upsurge of green development of coal coke chemical industry in the new era, and strive to be the vanguard of green development of coal coke chemical industry.