Zheng Peng: Shouting Pengfei's Voice in the World Energy Revolution




Shanxi Merchants Man of the Year
Zheng Peng
Chairman and General Manager of Pengfei Group. He is currently the vice president of Shanxi Coking Industry Association and the president of Lvliang Private Entrepreneurs Association.
Award words:
Black energy green development, enthusiastic public welfare returns to the hometown, Pengfei Wanli Ming Luliang!
introduction of characters
Zheng Peng, chairman and general manager of Pengfei Group, is currently vice president of Shanxi Coking Industry Association, president of Luliang Coking Industry Association and president of Luliang Private Entrepreneur Association.
Pengfei Group was established in 1993. From a small enterprise starting from 25000 yuan to a private enterprise with more than 50 billion assets and the whole industrial chain of coal chemical circular economy, every node from entrepreneurship to leapfrogging is full of legend. Pengfei's growth and achievements are a Shanxi model for private coal enterprises in our province to go up against the wind, expand the entire coal chemical industry chain based on coal, and finally win the market and industry prospects.
Pengfei's 5 million-ton coking production base has the world's largest and most advanced 6.25-meter tamping coke oven put into production in the country. On this basis, coking linkage, chemical-based, extension of fine chemical industry, chemical production is the future development direction of Pengfei Group.
Shanxi Evening News: In 25 years, from a small enterprise starting from 25000 yuan to a large group 50 billion assets, Pengfei's development can be said to be a business legend. How did Pengfei get along the way?
Zheng Peng: Pengfei Group was founded in 1993. At the beginning of its business, Pengfei Group, like many enterprises, also experienced several years of "barbaric growth. In that era when coal was dominant and coal-based, the only thing that was different from others was that we didn't just want to get rich by coal in our "comfortable" days, but quickly laid out the industrial chain with the money we earned. If we have to sum it up in a few words, Pengfei can get to this day by surpassing the insight of the times and fast execution. We did not wander around and were not forced to think of a way out when the times eliminated us. Instead, we saw the situation clearly as early as possible and began to plan a green development path for black energy.
Shanxi Evening News: From coal to coke, Shanxi has experienced a market downturn, and many private coal companies have disappeared on the commercial stage. How did Pengfei break through the trend?
Zheng Peng: Since 2000, our province has ushered in the golden decade of coal. At that time, the demand for coal soared and the price of coal continued to rise. Pengfei Group took advantage of this "golden decade" opportunity period to build and put into production the largest scale in Shanxi. The independent coal washing plant with the most advanced equipment and the best benefits leads the development of Shanxi's coal washing industry.
The rapid rise of Pengfei Group should be said to have started in 2009. In 2008, when the financial tsunami ravaged the world, Pengfei acquired some coal and coke enterprises. In 2009, many coking enterprises in our province collapsed under the impact of the financial crisis, and even turned pale. Pengfei Group officially entered the coking industry relying on scientific management and technological leadership.
Shanxi Evening News: In the process of continuous development and growth, has Pengfei experienced the pain of transformation?
Zheng Peng: the development of an enterprise and the transformation of an industry will certainly experience bloody reform and innovation. Pengfei Group goes against the trend when others dare not do or change, which requires great courage and courage. At the same time, how to change the status quo of coking enterprises, how to more scientific and innovative development in front of Pengfei Group. In the report of the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 2007, the concept of ecological civilization was put forward for the first time. It can be said that Pengfei has keenly captured the "wind vane" of industry development in the new era ".
Shanxi Evening News: Now our province is breaking the resource curse of "one coal dominates". At this time, Pengfei is still focusing on coal coking. What makes you so confident?
Zheng Peng: To get rid of the "one coal dominates", it is not to eliminate coal, but to diversify development, so that Shanxi's economic development does not only rely on coal. This is a top-level design. At the same time, the development of coal coking in Shanxi is not "silly, big, black and thick" as people used to think, but a fully modern green factory. We Pengfei have a concept: what our nose can smell is the waste of resources. We vigorously deploy the chemical sector, which is to turn waste gas, waste residue, waste oil, etc. in the coal and coke production process into treasure through investment in the chemical sector, extend the industrial chain, and let the world see a different coal province, Shanxi, See a development situation of coal coking industry under the guidance of science and technology.
When Pengfei Group designed the 5 million-ton coking production base, it defined the standards of international and domestic first-class process equipment, first-class environmental protection devices, first-class safety facilities and first-class management concepts. The design began at the end of 2009 and the country's first 6.25-meter tamping coke oven was completed and put into production on January 1, 2013. When many people do not understand and avoid coking, pengfei has conquered this industry with nearly 6 years of stable, efficient, and green production. This also makes Pengfei Group in many traditional coal chemical companies today, under the influence of a series of factors such as national environmental protection, capacity reduction, production restrictions, and market fluctuations. It can take the lead in the dilemma of survival.
Shanxi Evening News: As we all know, Pengfei is now advancing rapidly towards the goal of a well-known large-scale private enterprise. Today, you have won the Shanxi Merchants Man of the Year Award through the selection. How do you feel?
Zheng Peng: Yesterday, through hard work, we walked out of a circular path in traditional industries; today, I believe that this is a responsibility and a burden to receive this honor; tomorrow, we will continue to move forward in traditional industries and move towards new heights., Towards the vanguard, shouting Pengfei's voice in the traditional energy revolution all over the world.