Fujian Tianchen Yaolong New Materials Co., Ltd. Chairman Methanol Plant Investigation


12Month3On the 15th, Liang Junxiang, chairman of Fujian Tianchen Yaolong New Materials Co., Ltd., and his party went to the methanol plant to conduct on-the-spot investigation on the deep processing process route of the whole industrial chain of coal chemical industry of the group company. Li Diansheng, director of the Standing Committee of the Xiaoyi Municipal People's Congress, and Zhang You-quan, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor, accompanied the investigation. Xiaoyi Economic Development Zone part of the leadership accompanying.



Wang Qi, deputy general manager, chief engineer, director of the general engineering office and chief commander of the coking project of the group company, received and introduced the layout of the three main plates of coal, coke and chemical industry of the group company, focusing on the extension of the industrial chain of coal chemical industry in the later stage and the deep processing technology. He said that the group company accordingThe development model of "coke-based and chemical-assisted" realizes the full utilization of waste generated in the coking production process, and builds a closed, full-cycle, and full-cycle from raw coal mining, clean coal production, coke smelting, to fine chemicals. The development model of modern coal chemical enterprises in the entire industrial chain. In particular, the megaton super suspension bed hydrogenation project adopts the newly developed suspension bed process of Beijing Sanju Environmental Protection New Materials Co., Ltd., which can convert waste oil, residual oil, tar, crude benzene and agricultural waste straw in the coke production process into chemical products, with a conversion rate of up99.7%. The main products include clean light fuel oil, clean heavy fuel oil, diesel oil, mixed aromatics, etc. It is the most promising project in the market. Opening it is like opening a "cornucopia".



Through on-site visits and on-site experiences, Liang Junxiang and his entourage greatly appreciated the many leading equipment and top-level technologies adopted by the group company, and appreciated the closed and full-cycle green cleaning method and our thinking and grasp of the future development direction of the coal chemical industry.