Chairman Zheng Peng participated in the Shanxi Merchants Innovation and Development Summit Forum and won the "Shanxi Merchants Man of the Year Award"


Light up Shanxi, Shanxi merchants peer. On December 2, the Shanxi Merchants Innovation and Development Summit Forum and the second Guangyuyuan "Looking for Shanxi Merchants Leaders" award ceremony was held in Jinzhong City. Dozens of heavyweight guests and nearly 200 representatives of outstanding Shanxi businessmen and entrepreneurs witnessed the feast of ideological collision and exchange. Chairman Zheng Peng was invited to attend.

This event was guided by Shanxi Federation of Industry and Commerce and Shanxi Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and hosted by Shanxi Daily Newspaper Group, Shanxi Enterprise Federation, Shanxi Entrepreneurs Association, and Shanxi Productivity Society.

At the summit forum, Wu Dongsheng, director of the Foreign Investment and overseas Investment Department of the Shanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Guo Jiaxue, head of Guangyuyuan, and other guests gave speeches on the themes of "Industrial Transformation and Green Finance from an International Perspective" and "Enterprise opportunities under mixed ownership Reform. In the following salon, many representatives of Shanxi merchants expressed their opinions on topics such as the choice and development path of Shanxi's new industry and Shanxi's opportunities to integrate into the "the belt and road initiative" strategy. Chairman Zheng Peng had an in-depth discussion with the guests of Shanxi merchants on "the road to the integration of Shanxi merchants industry and capital in the new era", and introduced Pengfei's 25-year development path due to adversity, as well as the era and long-term planning of being a pioneer in the energy revolution and a new highland, and made suggestions for Shanxi's development and Shanxi merchants to take off.

The meeting specially selected outstanding representatives of Shanxi merchants emerging from various industries, and presented many high-profile awards such as the Shanxi Merchants Leader Award, the Shanxi Merchants Man of the Year Award, the Shanxi Merchants Excellence Award, and the Shanxi Merchants Industry Model Award. Chairman Zheng Peng won the "Shanxi Merchants Man of the Year Award" for his rapid rise and unique personal charm ".