Chairman Zheng Peng Attends High-end Dialogue on Green Development of Coal and Coke Chemical Industry


On the afternoon of November 25, the "Belt and Road" coal coke chemical industry green development seminar held a high-end dialogue. As one of the 7 dialogue guests, Chairman Zheng Peng conducted thematic exchanges with experts, scholars, government officials, and business leaders who came to the conference around the "Green Development Path Seminar for the Coke Chemical Industry", and jointly discussed the top-level design of the coal coking industry and coal chemical industry. In the direction of deep processing, in-depth exchange of views on how to better and faster green transformation and sustainable development of the coking industry.




the dialogue session was presided over by yang jucai, vice mayor of the luliang city government. Xiaoyi Municipal Government Vice Mayor Wang Yong attended. Ding Rijia, Dean of the School of Management of China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing), Han Jiaye, Deputy Director of the Energy Security Research Institute of the National Emergency Management Department, Yang Qing, Director of the Industrial Product Price Monitoring Division of the Price Monitoring Center of the National Development and Reform Commission, Gregory Holt, senior reporter of Argus Singapore Office, Yan Xiaoqing, senior researcher of State Grid Energy Research Institute Co., Ltd., and Chairman Zheng Peng, etc.

After listening carefully to the overall development of the coking industry in Luliang City, the participating experts expressed their high recognition of the stability of the overall safety situation of Luliang Coal Mine and the improvement of entrepreneurs' awareness of green environmental protection, especially the group company's coal coking deep processing technology and green transformation development path. Combined with the international and domestic market and macroeconomic situation, experts and scholars, starting from their respective professional fields, put forward their unique views on the green development of the current "Belt and Road Initiative" coal coke chemical industry, and put forward specific opinions and suggestions on the development of the coking industry in Luliang City and our city. It is believed that Luliang is the main coking coal producing area, and the development of coking industry is unique. To realize the green and sustainable development of coal and coke chemical industry, it is necessary to plan from a high starting point and require high standards, control the trend of coal and coke price index in real time, and value new prices with new development concepts. We should start with energy conservation and emission reduction, take market demand as the guidance, rely on high-end science and technology, constantly improve the process value, enlarge and extend the coal coke chemical industry chain, develop intensive and large-scale new coal chemical industry, promote energy transformation and upgrading, and continuously improve the efficiency and efficiency of development.




Chairman Zheng Peng said that the future of the coking industry must race against environmental protection. At present, green development is the development of life. Whoever has green has life. Whoever does not practice green standards cannot match consumption upgrading and high-quality development. Whoever cannot race against environmental protection will lose his life. We have gone from the era of scarce economy in the past to the current era of product surplus. In the future, we will move towards an era full of competition and individualization. To develop, we must innovate, do fine, deep, and do things that others have not done. At the forefront of the industry, set the most suitable standards for its own development, race against green, and have green, so that Luliang's coking will surely be in the forefront of China and the world.

Yang Jucai pointed out that the experts have unique insights and novel views, which have a strong guiding significance and promoting role for the next development of Luliang coal coke chemical industry. He said that the Luliang municipal government will, as always, support the transformation and development of enterprises and green development, and strive to create an industrial environment with gathering elements, a market environment for fair competition, a high-quality and perfect entrepreneurial environment, and an efficient and pragmatic government environment for enterprises. At the same time, I hope that the companies present here and all experts and scholars will take this seminar as an opportunity to further build consensus and strengthen cooperation. In promoting the green development of Luliang coal coke chemical industry, we will create new engines, open up new spaces, cultivate new economic growth points, and promote Luliang The coal coke chemical industry is better, bigger and stronger, let more investment entrepreneurs accumulate new energy, release new energy and create new brilliance on the road of win-win cooperation.

Other group leaders Lang Fengliang, Yang Li, Wang Zili, Wang Qi, Zeng Qingxiang and others attended.