"the belt and road initiative" Seminar on Green Development of Coal and Coke Chemical Industry Held in Xiaoyi


Science and technology leadThe green cycle. In response to the national high-quality development policy, win the blue sky defense war, promote coal coke chemical industryIndustryTransformation and upgrading, leading the industry green development.11Month25Day,BySponsored by the People's Government of Luliang City, China Economic Information Service, and undertaken by the People's Government of Xiaoyi City, Luliang City Economic and Information Commission, Xiaoyi City Economic Development Zone, and Luliang City Coking Industry AssociationThe Belt and RoadGreen Development Seminar of Coal and Chemical Industry TodayIn XiaoyiFormalpull off the curtain.

Shanxi ProvinceWang Lihong, Deputy Inspector of the Department of Industry and Information Technology, and Wang Liwei, Deputy Secretary of the Luliang Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of the Government,Xinhua News Agency China Economic Information ServiceDirector,Vice President Kuang Lok-cheng,Lvliang CPPCC Vice Chairman, XiaoyiMunicipal Party Committee SecretaryLi Zhen attendedOpening CeremonyAnd speech.

Lvliang Municipal Standing CommitteeVice Mayor Li Jianguo presided over the opening ceremony. Luliang CityDeputy MayorYang Jucai, Xiaoyi Municipal GovernmentThe MayorWang TingHong,Vice Mayor Wang Yong,LvliangThirteen county and city leaders to participate in the activities.

coking industry in shanxi provinceAssociation Vice President,Luliang CityPresident of Coking Industry Association, Chairman of Pengfei GroupZheng Pengand domestic and foreign31ForIndustry experts, academics,200Remaining positionRepresentatives of enterprises gathered together to discuss the green development of coal coke chemical industry in the new era.

Wang LihongIn his speech, he said that the meeting"Technology leadsThe green cycle.for the theme, fit the provincial party committee with energyCleanUse to pushcoal coke chemical industryindustrial transformation and upgradingDecision-making deployment,andProposed coal coke chemical industryGreen development should do a good job in top-level design, optimize the industrial layout, and establish a high level of coke oven, high level of chemical production extension, high level of safety and environmental protection, recyclinghigh levelModern coking enterprises with high level of intelligent management.

Wang Liwei said,ThisIt is Lvliang andNational level, InternationalLevelofHigh-end talents work togetherIt is important to promote the innovation of Luliang coal coke chemical industry and realize green development.One step. HopeParticipationExperts and scholars in the coal chemical industry energy conservation and environmental protection,clean utilizationIn terms of consultation for Luliang's transformation industry, we will promote the gathering of talents, technology, capital and advanced ideas from all over the country and around the world to Luliang.,Promote the transformation of Luliang industry to gather new energy and release new energy.,Create new brilliance.

Kuang Le Chengthink that this isNew experiences, new technologies and new paths for efficient, low-carbon and green development of Chinese energy enterprises to go overseas, to the worldShowChina coal coke chemical industryGreendevelop new achievements,Seeking greater developmentnew opportunities, hope to continue to hold, promote the countryHigh-quality development of coal coke chemical industry.

Li ZhenThe history, culture, economic and social development and coal and coke chemical industry of Xiaoyi were introduced to the participants.Industrydevelopment status, pointed out that the construction of ecological civilizationIt's coal charChemicalEnterprisedevelopment faceofSevere challenges,All enterprises should seize the opportunity of domestic and foreign experts to gather for pulse consultation and seek betterHigh Qualitydevelopment path.

Participating leadersWitnessed together, including Pengfei coke trade.Involving tradeNew materials, newEnergyCoal chemical industry, etc.16Item, total277Billions of investmentthe amountSigning ceremony.

After the speech,In the afternoonKeynote SpeechLink,Zheng PengChairmanWait15BitIndustry experts and scholars at home and abroadpublished nearly.Four hoursWonderfulThe speech.

OriginalYang Chaofei, Chief Engineer of Environmental Protection Department,Ling Jiang, Party Secretary and Deputy Director of Environmental Engineering Assessment Center, Ministry of Ecology and Environment,State DepartmentDevelopment Research Center MacroeconomicsResearch Department ResearchStaffZhang Liqun, National Emergency ResponseDepartment of ManagementLiu Wen, Vice President of Information Research Instituteleather,Yao Lei, Deputy Director of the Development Research Center of the State Administration for Market Regulation,Secretary and Vice President of Beijing Coal Chemical Branch of Coal Science and Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.Chen Yafei,metallurgical industry planningResearch Institute Coke DivisionDirector Pan Deng,Xu Liang, Vice President and Secretary General of China Coal Construction AssociationWaitExperts and scholars focus on national policies, industry regulations,pollution prevention and control,development potential,QualityStandards, industry new situation and new patternMarket supply and demand patternEqual levelwithcoal coke chemical industryIndustryof green developmentof the relationshipand the impact was shared.

ChinaWu Guoguang, Party Committee Secretary, School of Chemical Engineering, University of Mining and Technology, ChinaChemical GroupBlue StarChief Chemical Engineer,Coal chemical wastewater treatment expert Zhang LianghuseparatelyStudy on improving coking performance of weak caking coalandInnovationCircular sustainability inTechnical feasibilityand application made a systematic introduction.

It is worth mentioning thatThis conference invited people fromGermanyKlaus Dieter, Senior Vice President of Colin Industrial Technology Ltd.· Kramer,JapanCMICorporationcoking coal·Coke Technical Consultant Fu Xiujun, IndiaTrinaya LegalLaw Firm Asia Pacific Affairs DepartmentDirectorGu Maand Senior Correspondent, Argus UK Singapore OfficeGregory.Holt and other four internationalIndustry experts and scholars, respectively, on the development of new technologies in the coal chemical industry, coal blendingTechnologythe developmentApplication,IndiaDevelopment Status of Domestic Coking IndustryandInternational coking coal market outlook, etc.It'sexchange,LetLive guestson domestic and foreignIndustry situation and technologyR & D hasA deeper understanding.

Zheng PengChairmanAsThe only representative of the enterprises in the province published a report entitled 《New era coal coke chemical industryThe Trend of Green Development, introduced in detailLvliang Coking Industry AssociationFrom2016YearSince its establishmentInThe city's energy enterprise transformation and development,formNew achievements in industrial cluster effect, promotion of coking profits into the new normal, etc.,and pointed outThe large-scale of coke ovens, the refinement of chemical production, the advantage of resources, the scale of the industry, and the production capacity.the centralization,The recycling of industry,Customization of consumptionIt has become the trend of green development of coal coke chemical industry in the new era.And for coking enterprisesthe developmentIn"BlindConfidence, shortage of funds, lackExtension,Fill in the gapsand other issuesgives a professionalofRecommendations.Representation,ByThis meetingThe exchange of ideas of the experts,WisdomCollision, surely.Leading the new eraGreen development of coal coke chemical industryThe new craze will certainly be ableWelcomeA new spring for the green development of coal coke chemical industry.