The inaugural meeting of Luliang Private Entrepreneurs Association was held in Pengfei


External dockingThe "Belt and Road" national strategy promotes the development of the private economy internally. Today, it is jointly initiated by Pengfei Group and Shanxi Lou East Industry and Trade Group, and the Luliang Private Entrepreneurs Association, a social organization involving various private enterprises in Luliang City, was formally established.

Yang Jucai, vice mayor of Luliang Municipal Government, and Wang Tinghong, mayor of Xiaoyi Municipal Government, attended the founding meeting of the Federation and unveiled it. Chairman Zheng Peng attended and was elected as the first president.

The conference voted through the "Luliang Private Entrepreneurs Association Constitution" and other related programs.

At present, the Luliang Private Entrepreneurs Association has absorbed member units.110 companies, covering equipment manufacturing, coal chemical industry, new energy, new materials, electronic information technology, biomedicine, modern agriculture, modern service industry, liquor, light energy, big data, cultural tourism and other fields. In line with the working idea of preparation, activities and exploration, the Federation has held two high-end training courses on improving the quality of private entrepreneurs, transformed a famous and special products exhibition hall in Luliang City and a private activity venue in Luliang City, and established a bimonthly magazine "Xiansheng". In the future, we will continue to do a good job in high-end training for private entrepreneurs; select expert members from the member units of the federation to teach private entrepreneurs practical courses including business management, marketing, capital operation, information construction, and legal risk prevention; Organize the semi-annual docking activities of private enterprises, small, medium and micro enterprises service projects; do a good job of sending policies, experts, and services to private enterprises.

chairman zheng peng said,The private entrepreneurs symposium held by General Secretary Xi Jinping on November 1 gave private entrepreneurs a "reassurance", allowing private entrepreneurs to strengthen their confidence and confidence in creating a good business environment and further development. The establishment of the federation will effectively aggregate the precious resource of private entrepreneurs, with the purpose of promoting economic and trade exchanges, learning from each other, and helping each other, and always maintain the enthusiasm of daring to break, dare to try, dare to fight, and dare to work hard, and strive to be a scientific development The practitioners and pioneers of the concept continue to optimize the employment environment of enterprises and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. Chairman Zheng Peng called on the majority of private entrepreneurs to adhere to the concept of lifelong learning and comprehensive learning, establish the ideal of serving the country by industry, being reasonable and honest, and truly being a practitioner of serving the society and an enthusiastic person of helping the poor, and shaping the new image of private entrepreneurs in the new era.

Yang Jucai congratulated the establishment of the Luliang Private Entrepreneurs Federation and expressed his gratitude to the private entrepreneurs who have contributed to the economic and social development of Luliang over the years. It is hoped that the majority of private entrepreneurs will fully understand the importance of establishing a private entrepreneur association and the mission and responsibility they shoulder, and truly play the role of a bridge by carrying out various activities, organizing learning and training, and broadening external communication channels. It is hoped that the Federation will build a good communication platform between enterprises and government departments; build a good information interaction platform between enterprises and between enterprises and the market; make good use of various social forces, enhance service functions, build service brands, and strive to build the Federation into a home of private enterprises. Yang Jucai finally emphasized that the majority of private entrepreneurs must grasp the general trend of the times, strengthen their confidence in development, be a pioneer in the high-quality development of the private economy, and make new and greater contributions to the economic and social development of Luliang.

At the end of the meeting, Yang Jucai, Vice Mayor of Luliang Municipal Government, and Chairman Zheng Peng jointly"Lvliang City Private Entrepreneurs Association" inaugurated. Other relevant leaders witness on site.