Pengfei transformation "horn" sounded the country


On September 27, CCTV's two sets of "Economic Information Network" program "Financial Headlines · Reform and Opening Up" series reported that the first stop went into Shanxi, Luliang, and Pengfei. What kind of signal did this send to us?

Pengfei transformation "horn" sounded the country

Shanxi as the country's coal resources province, because of coal and prosperity, and because of coal and decline. Since 2014, the economic growth rate has been almost the bottom for three consecutive years. However, since 2017, Shanxi has launched a new picture of transformation and development. By the first half of 2018, the growth rate ranking has risen to 17th, reaching the highest ranking for 26 consecutive quarters since 2012. This cannot but be said to be a miracle! This shows that Shanxi has broken the pattern of one coal dominance and has issued a new voice of energy revolution to the whole country.









It is said that "China's coke looks at Shanxi and Shanxi's coke looks at Lvliang". Lvliang's coke production capacity accounts for half of Shanxi's total coke production capacity. As a successful epitome of the transformation and development of traditional industries in the national energy city, as Lvliang Mayor Wang Liwei said in an interview: "Now we have realized that the coal industry accounts for no more than 50% of the added value." Lu Liang's re-emergence in the tide of energy revolution has more impact and shock on the country's energy revolution and transformation and development.

General Secretary Xi Jinping mentioned the "Luliang Spirit" many times during his research in Luliang. Under the guidance of the great Luliang spirit, more great enterprises and more great entrepreneurs have emerged in the wave of transformation and development. There is no doubt that Pengfei is a practitioner of the spirit of Lu Liang, and Chairman Zheng Peng is a practitioner of the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Zheng Peng, Chairman of Shanxi Pengfei Group: At that time, there was a saying that turning is to die, not to die, how to use a new vision to discover a new vision and see new things after coal coke.

"Transformation is to die, not to transform is to die." In the face of the downturn and weakness of the coal market, transformation has become a dilemma that every enterprise has to face. Chairman Zheng Peng reviewed the situation and resolutely led Pengfei people to carry the banner of transformation and development, and launched a magnificent picture of Pengfei's future development.

Zheng Peng, Chairman of Shanxi Pengfei Group: Clean coal produces liquid crude benzene, coal tar, and gas during the combustion process. These three products are produced during the coking process. Through the suspension bed process, it is turned into carbon 6 emissions. A series of things such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene, lubricating oil, carbon fiber, carbon microspheres, and super crystalline coke.

The energy revolution is a major historical opportunity for Shanxi, Luliang, and Xiaoyi. It is also a major development opportunity for traditional coal and coke enterprises, and it is also an inevitable choice for the transformation and development of traditional coal and coke enterprises. Opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared, and such rare historical development opportunities are also reserved for prepared enterprises like Pengfei. From the beginning of the transformation, Pengfei has stood at the high end and looked at the world. With the concept of transformation and development beyond the times, Pengfei has gathered high-tech talents, adopted the most advanced technology and invested in the most high-end environmental protection equipment to create a new situation for Pengfei to win the blue sky defense war and strive to be the vanguard of the energy revolution, laying a solid foundation for Pengfei to lead the development of the industry in the new era.

Pengfei is the glory of Lvliang and the benchmark of Shanxi. A CCTV reporter clearly mentioned in the interview that there are now more than a dozen energy companies that have achieved clean production, and only Pengfei accepted an exclusive interview as a model for the province to build the vanguard of the energy revolution, showing the new image of Pengfei in the new era to the whole country. It has set a benchmark and set a good example for the transformation and development of energy enterprises in the province and even the whole country. What a glory and glory! However, it gives us greater pressure to spur us to move towards a cleaner, green and environmentally friendly future with greater determination and courage, so that the Pengfei brand can be called the whole country and the whole world.